Thursday, December 13, 2012

Onto greener pastures

I wasn't planning on putting this out there, but I checked my analytic information the other day and noted that many of you are still coming here.
I don't know if it's because you are checking to see if I am blogging anymore, or if you are checking out past posts.

This year has been a HUGE year for me.
Not only have a made a massive move physically - it has been a mammoth emotional rollercoaster.

Throughout the turmoil I lost my blogging mojo, it became almost a chore and I didn't want that to reflect here.

So I stopped blogging.
But I missed it too much.
Something in my head was telling me that I had to let Dreaming Of Verona go, I just wasn't attached anymore. Something had to change.

So that is what I have done.
Dreaming Of Verona will stay here - but won't be updated anymore.

But, if you like what I write, and want to keep reading,
I have moved to

For those who have been reading this blog for the past 18 months, I thank you.
Without you, I wouldn't have gotten through this year.

Hope to see you over in my greener pastures


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The End Of No-Buy July

Ahh, it is ALREADY the 31st of July.
NO idea how that happened - I think I blinked and I missed it.

I have been doing my own shop-a-holic version of Dry July called No Buy July where I don't buy anything.
I have been doing okay - no internet purchases [phew!] and only nessessities purchased
[If you saw me over at the MAC counter on Saturday, Foundation is TOTALLY a necessity]

Here are a few things I have been drooling over on my forced spending hiatus.
Things that as soon as the floodgates open, will be popped onto my credit card before you can say "Expiry Date".

June was the end of my Subscription box subscriptions, I was receiving too many beauty samples and not enough space or face to put it all.
THEN, I discovered Panty By Post.
Imagine opening your mail once a month, and receiving a beautiful pair of high quality knickers?

You would totally be let off the hook for owning a Onsie if you were rocking a pair of these babies underneath :)

You have the choice of receiving a mixture of briefs and g-strings, or one or the other.
PBP are available in x-small all the way up to xxxx-large there are panties to suit all sizes.

Best part? Sign up for 12 months, and each pair will only cost $18 - that's on par with a pair of Bonds boylegs and a whole lot sexier!

Check out PBP for more info.

 Unlike the rest of the country, I am super sad that winter is 2/3 over.
It is BY FAR my favourite season, I love everything about Winter.
The dark afternoons, the cold, the iced up car windscreens, the hot coffee, the scarves, the boots, the tights and most of all - my UGG boots!

I don't break the number one fashion rule of wearing them in public. But you can guarantee as soon as the temp drops below 20 degrees, I unpack these babies and wear them around the house, through the drive through, designated driver duties, anywhere that doesn't include potentially being seen by an street fashion photographer, or worse, an ex.
Worst part about them? My uggs are knee high, so right about now, it just gets too unbearable to wear them. Sweaty feet is NOT attractive.

That is where UMZ Original comes to the rescue.
These are my kind of slippers. Over the ankle for winter, unzip them and they become slip on, slippers :) Perfect!
For just $139, I am calling these a NECESSITY for the coming months.
Check them out UMZ Online

 Melbourne is NOTORIOUS for living in black during winter.
With another month before spring, these gorgeous red patent leather heels are sure to be a knockout!

And at $179 - I have a void in my wardrobe that only these babies can fill.
Check out Squire Shoes for some hot anti-winter blues.

As for No-Buy July, not quite as successful as I had hoped.

Despite not buying anything aside from the essentials, a few big purchases that had to be made [Ugh, Gym Fees, ugh, Health Insurance, ugh Tax Accountants] plus flights to attend a couple of interstate events, I still haven't managed to save anything.

So, guess you all know what THAT means.
Yep - No-Buy August!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Barkins Launch

Last week I was invited to the launch of the new look Barkins QV in Melbourne.
Braving the winter cold to rub shoulders with Melbourne's most stylish and fabulous fashionista's.

The theme for the evening was "Unlock Your Style Icon"
This was reiterated through the store with key labels, key shaped door prize entry tickets and displays throughout the store showing one how to replicate famous style with Barkin's clothing.

And to sweeten the deal? 
A candy table - My head screamed calories, so I avoided this, however, it was a definite winner for the guests.

They had thought of it all.
Wine, Sparkling, Soda and Water.
It's not often that I go to an event that caters for us non-drinkers.
Major props to Barkins.

A night out isn't complete without catching up with my fav fashionistas.
Katie, Me, Sarah Jane and Jess.

Perfect Office-to-Drinks wear.

Kate, Sarah Jane, Nicole, Kate and Katie. 

THE Dress?
Yep, Barkins, you have won me over.
You certainly haven't seen the last of me.

And you know I gave my debit card a spin and picked up these new babies.
Just the pop of colour needed in the dark of winter. 
[and a BARGAIN at just $49.95]

If you aren't in Melbourne, or not near the CBD, check out Barkins Online Store

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Buy July

Ever since moving to Melbourne almost 6 months ago I have been on a constant "Wardrobe Update".
I need winter clothing.
New shoes for the office.
Blazers for corporate life.
Accessories appropriate for my new job.

Not to mention the costs in actually relocating, I am back in my living week-to-week cycle [or rather, fortnight to fortnight paycheck cycle]

That needs to change.
I have pinned WAY too many things that I MUST have in my apartment.

So therefore, I am doing...

Yep. That's right.
The spending ban to end all spending bans.
An entire calender month of no purchasing anything apart from the basics of living
[Food, Bills, Petrol etc]
No clothes, No makeup, No accessories, No shoes.
And most of all - NO iTUNES PURCHASES!

I am entering Day 3 and all is going well.
My best friend is the shopping cart. I add to cart. Then I close the window.
It's like shopping without the debt.

It's not too late to join me.
Let me know if you embarking on No-Buy July in the comments.
Will be awesome to have some allies whilst my fingers ache from longing to click "buy" and my paypal weeps from neglect.

- If you are embarking on this journey with me, feel free to use the above image in your blog post - just be sure to link back here lovelies.
And let me know, I will pop your name in the post - Link Love all round x

Edit**  If you are NOT participating - be sure to check out the current AMAZING deal Hairhouse Warehouse is offering

Monday, July 2, 2012

June Photo A Day - Round Up

I finally did it.
Completed* an entire month of Chantelle's Photo A Day Challenge.

Photos after the jump in case you want to skip my month in photos x

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Empties.

June was the fastest month so far this year.
I don't know if it was because it was on 30 days, or perhaps it is that I have been so insanely busy that any month will fly as quick as June.

Just a note, July, slow down!

1 Skin Solutions Vanilla Lip Balm
LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.
Currently trialling the new tinted balms - they are amazing.
Review coming soon.

Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara
I already have another tube of this in my bag.
Not the greatest of mascaras as far on longevity and wear goes, but the impact on my lashes? WOW.

MAC Studio Tech
Honestly? Not worth the $.
Considering I get the same coverage from HealthyMix for half the price I won't be repurchasing.

MAC Skin Finish
Not a huge fan, repurchased the non-mineral version and love it.
Probably my HG powered.

Mary K Concealor 
SO glad to be rid of this.
Not bad, but not something I would repurchase or sing praises of.
It's no Erase Paste. 

Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo & Conditioner
I bought both of these from Oscar Oscar salon a few months back.
I had no negative reactions, but nothing overly positive either and for the money I kind of expected to be "wowed".
No repurchase here - Testing out the Nioxin range instead.

Aveda Dry Remedy Mask
Despite being made of all natural ingredients, the smell of this treatment is extremely chemically.  Do not like.
I won't be repurchasing this, I currently have MUK 1 Minute Treatment on trial.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser:
I can give or take this stuff.
Sometimes, my skin responds really well to it, other times it dries it out.
I have already repurchased despite telling myself I would try something else.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sorry my lovelies.

New job + new exercise program + living like a gypsy means very little blogging from this lass.

Instead of missing me [I will be back, full swing, from next Monday! YAY!] check out this blog.

I have already copied down MANY of these things to do over the weekend. 

Many thanks to the gorgeous Kate from Off The Hanger for the above link recommendation.

See you in July xo

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NOTD: Orly

Now that Winter has truly arrived in Melbourne, it is time to embrace some hot colours to cancel out the grey skies.

The name is perfect, definitely the brightest orange polish I have.
Opaque in one coat, but used two for good measure.

Like most Orly polishes, the formula is quick drying and long lasting - I got 4 days out of this polish without chips.

I purchased this shade at Priceline for $4.99

Previous to that, I had never heard of Orange Punch, I can forsee this shade being a winner over the next couple of months.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Queen VB

Remember Sunday's post about how The Agency had opened?

Well, late Sunday evening I placed my first order.
Guess what arrived at my front door at 9am on Tuesday morning?

Yep, my new bundle of joy.

The Queen VB - Birkin inspired tote.
It is even more beautiful that the photos show.

Get yours at The Agency Boutique today
Queen VB retails at $180

And be quick, Free Shipping is available for the first week only!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Body For Women

I have to be honest.
I have an addiction.

It's nothing too major - but I can't seem to make it through a day without Body For Women's Lo Carb Bites.

From the Body For Women Website:
"Body Bites were developed by some of Australia’s leading nutritionist with one major goal in mind, to provide health conscious females with the tools to make healthier eating options. The low calorie high protein Body Bites offers versatility by providing quick and easy snacks helping to control your appetite. Body Bites are created as a snack replacement with 10% RDI of the Vitamins & Minerals plus thermogenics & Lipotropics. Satisfy your hunger cravings without sacrificing your diet."

39 Calories per bite is fantastic for that 3:30 itis.
In fact, it is a well know fact in my office that we meet at this time for a refreshed cup of herbal tea, fill our water bottles and indulge in a bite or two*.
It is just the perfect amount of chocolate, and sweet, required to finish up the work day.

Now that I have introduced these into an office full of health conscious women, I need to work out a way to buy these in bulk.
Unfortunately, purchasing through Body For Women directly means I can not have them shipped to my PO Box and since I work full time it's impossible to arrange a courier delivery.

I am getting desperate to try the "On The Go" Protein Shakes but they seem to be continually out of stock online [No luck at my local supermarkets either]

The Details:
10 Pack from the Body For Women Website
Or purchase individual packs from Coles or Safeways for $3.95 each.

For more information [and a heap of helpful FREE information] check out 

*Recommended serving size is a full bag [6 Bites] - as I do not have a sweet tooth and am on a strict calorie intake, I limit myself to two bites per day.

I first tried Body For Women Lo Carb Bites in a Gift Bag supplied at an event.
Since then, I have purchased them on my own.
This has in no way shaped my opinion of Lo Carb Bites.
For more information check out my Disclosure Policy

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Agency Boutique is OPEN!

The most anticipated opening of the year happened overnight.

Yep - The Agency Boutique is open!

Hands up if you have had your eye on that statement bag your fav celeb has been toting around town but haven't been able to drop the house deposit to call one your own.

My hand is definitely up. 

J & M have you covered, luxurious statement bags we love at the affordable prices we love even more.

I was lucky enough to meet "J" one half of the sisters/brains/beauty behind The Agency a few weeks back and she is just as lovely in person as she is on Twitter.

How divine is the "God Save The Queen" McQueen inspired clutch? LOVE it.

The Queen VB is top of my WANT list, closely followed by "You Feeling Me" and "Jackie O Who".
But don't take my word for it - hop onto their online boutique and check the fabulousness out for yourselves!

The Agency Boutique -
Follow them on Twitter -

All images screen captured from - not to be reproduced unless credited back to The Agency 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I am teaming up with the gorgeous Melinda of Mumma In Heels for her new weekly  "Let's Write" prompt.
Last week's "Let's Write" is What Do You Love About Winter.
And yes, I know I am behind the ball on this. I am a busy lass.

Well, this is me.
There is no other season that I love more than Winter.
I don't think there is anything I dislike about Winter.
Except the constant carb/hot food craving - but this is the year I kick that and kick up the exercise and calorie counting to make sure I don't miss out or blow out.

First on my LOVE List? Scarves.
I have way too many to admit.
In fact, I may even keep them in my car so my addiction is not so obvious to those I live with.
Yep - bordering on an obsession.
This gorgeous Country Road Cable Knit Scarf even has a matching beanie. ADORBS!

I have to admit here that I do not own a onsie.
I want to.
I even went to purchase one - and my co-shopper laughed so hard that I hung my head in shame and left.
But I will be back because I NEED a Peter Alexander Onsie in my Peter Alexander Collection.
Even though the adult sized Vegemite one is no longer available, there is plenty of cuteness available online or instore.
[If you feel like an awesome, superstar reader and want to send me a pair - I'd need a large :P ]

Currently loving Oolong tea and it makes the perfect accompaniment to the subject of tomorrow's blog post [Keep an eye on that]
But Green and Peppermint are my all time favourites.
I gave up Coffee a number of weeks ago and I am loving the extra energy.

These uggs were purchased for me as a gift.
I only wear them INSIDE the house - though have made a sneaky DVD return and chocolate run late one night. 

These things are the BEST.
I can shamed out of a onsie but not my slanket.
I have the zebra print [and also a plain red one shhh]
So cosy and warm - and Liz Lemon has one, which makes it cool enough for me.

Introducing; My New Hair Pt2

Remember back in March when I tried out Oscar Oscar Salons and chopped off my hair?
Remember when I thought THAT was a massive change?

Well, hold onto your hats ladies [and any gentlemen reading] I have shaken it up and spun it around and had ANOTHER huge hair transformation.

The Before.

Click through to Hairhouse Warehouse 's page to check out the transformation!

And I will be adding a full post about it in the coming days.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Face Of Australia Lip Crayons

Face Of Australia are definitely top ranking in my Favorite Brand list.
They are innovative and continue to lead the pack with superior quality for very reasonable prices.

I have heard whispers of a new lip product range for the past couple of weeks and have been eagerly anticipating their release.

So imagine my surprise when last week I won a Twitter competition to receive the Lip Crayon pack ahead of their June 2012 release.

It was even more surprising to find them delivered the very next working day.
Go Face Of Australia!

The pack consists of three shades

All three shades smell delicious - a subtle vanilla fragrance that is neither chemical or overbearing.

How cute is the packaging?
The formula is beautiful.
Easily glides on lips and provides the perfect light tint cover
Perfectly glossy without stickiness
And the moisturising lasts longer than the colour.
I played around with these the night I got them, the following morning my lips still felt soft and amazing.

Cupcake - Macaron - Sundae

The shades themselves appear to apply transparent
However the shade develops quickly on contact and lasts about 3 hours.
Less if you are eating or drinking.

I have included arm swatches only as these shades will appear differently on everyone depending on natural shade of their lips.

On first impressions thought I would love Macaron the most, and probably not use Sundae at all.
But imagine my surprise when all three work with my skin tone and not against like other shades.
These lip crayons add the perfect "oomph" to lips whilst keeping them luscious and moisturised.

The Details: 

Face Of Australia Lip Crayons
RRP $14.95
Available from June 2012 for a limited time!

Check out Face Of Australia for stockist information.

As explained above, I won these in a Twitter competition, I am under no obligation to write about these. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Misty's Diner; American Style Food in Melbourne

Last week I had some friends from Newcastle down in Melbourne on holiday.
They were celebrating their 6th (SIX!!) year anniversary, and luckily for me, they made time to hang out while they were here.

My friend C is awesome.
We have been friends since I first moved to Newcastle from Sydney
We both have so much in common, and are obsessed with American TV shows and culture.

Misty's Diner - NJ & C have been cropped out to protect their identities.

I had heard about Misty's Diner many months ago - but I didn't know of anyone who I thought suited to eat at such an establishment. When I heard C was in town I knew it was perfect for us.
Dragging her (very eager) partner NJ along for the ride we booked in last Thursday night for what was sure to be the sugar and carb overload of the century.

Yes. So Much Yes.
Dr Pepper is my favourite "Soda" of all time.
Lucky for me, my local Coles sells it, so I went with the Cherry Dr Pepper which is approximately 1000 times more delicious than the regular.

I also discovered a new fav [once a year] food.
Jalepeno Poppers - Jalepenos, hollowed out, filled with cheese then breaded and fried.
Oh My God.
Party in your mouth 
[and no, not spicy - unfortunately]

The Vegie "Carb Coma"
This is where your diet goes to die.
Potato Mashies, Veggie Bites, Cheese Sticks, Chilli Fries and Fried Mushrooms.

Misty's Sliders.
Yeah, I ditched my vegetarianism for one of these*.
Served with pickles on the side, baby burgers with meat, cheese and onions.

Fried Mushrooms.
I wish I didn't discover them when I was already full.
Was a little apprehensive at first because, whilst I love mushroom, I don't usually eat them whole.

I have a confession.
The Deep Fried Twinkie was my main reason for wanting to go to Misty's Diner.
It was pretty good.
Way too sweet for me, but all you sweet tooth's out there will LOVE this.

And something I didn't expect.
Deep Fried Oreo.
This was like a sugar party in your mouth.
So good, but felt so bad at the same time.
My diet certainly went out the window with this one!

Everything about this place was AMAZING!
The 50's style diner made me feel I had just set foot on the Grease stage.
In fact, the tiny Jukeboxes on each booth even have "You're The One That I Want" to choose from.

Our waiters were so friendly, and fun.
Found we had developed a rapport with ours within the first 5 minutes of being seated.
Props to Ralphie and Cary G [I believe his real name is Todd]
We even got to meet the famous Misty as we were leaving, she's gorgeous.
Just don't let her see you use cutlery, apparently that is against the rules :D
I would like to know though, if all their accents are real?

The Deets:
Misty's Diner is open 7 days
Located at 103- 105 High Street, Prahran
[Near the Chapel Street intersection]

Check out Misty's Diner for more info
And be sure to follow them on Twitter

 * I don't recommend diving into red meat after months of nothing. I felt incredibly ill later that evening and all the next day.

Misty's Diner on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Purchase: Revival Poodle Print Dress

Last week I purchased this ADORABLE Poodle Print dress from Revival.

Dangerfield Revival Poodle Print Dress

Only problem is, what do I wear it with?
And am I too old to be wearing Poodle print anything?

Friday, April 27, 2012

What I Wore

I've been kind of lacking in the "Fashion" side of blogging lately, 
Combining that with the new discovery of "clipping" on Polyvore - I have decided to share an outfit I wore this week.

For those [like me] who didn't know, you can use the "Clipper" tool to save items from other websites onto your Polyvore account, meaning you can share items you actually own, rather than those just looking similar.


I wore this outfit to work - though, I would also wear it to a lunch date now the weather has cooled down in Melbourne.

The boots and scarf are from Polyvore as I was unable to locate either of my items online, they are pretty close though.

P.S I LOVE Bond's tees - I think I have 3 just in white. Not to mention the black, grey and light pink versions I own. So versatile and comfortable.
I may also have these Lee Riders in other colours… shhh!

Do you have multiples of items of the same piece of clothing?