Friday, April 1, 2011

March Roundup

Another month of 2011 is gone, and for a month that was named after the God of War it went reasonably quickly and without turmoil.

Here is the roundup of what happened in March:

Miss Ava - Fashion & Food Fiend.

The 21st of March marked the 3rd Birthday of my gorgeous baby girl. My niece, Ava.
She is the most beautiful little girl ever.

Master Cohen with Miss Dotty 

The 25th of March was the 3rd Birthday of my handsome little man. The world's littlest heartbreaker, my adorable nephew Cohen.

Just Like Tiffany's

So with all the birthdays happening, I got inspired and replicated the "Tiffany" look with the kids presents.
And yes, they do get spoilt.

TAGGED: Work Kitchenette

I tried my hand at home office renovations this month.
Cabinets have been repainted and stressed, Walls primed and painted, Sink sealed and Walls tiled.

The BabyGiant's teeth

The littlest guy in my life, my 5mth old nephew Ewan, got his first teeth this month.
Kid is raring to go with the solids.

What happened in your world this Month?

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