Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Product Review: Tipsy Toes

Have you ever been out late one night, had a few too many glass of wine, and found yourself wandering home, barefoot, because the idea of stumbling in 6 inch heels is too much to bare?
Tipsy Toes has solved this problem by creating this amazing range of foldable ballet flats.

Tipsy Toes + Carry Pouch + Mirror

They fold up into a small zippered bag* [complete with mirror for gloss retouching] and could fit into the smallest of clutches.

I picked the cutest colour though - It is so me.
There are 4 colour choices in the collection.
Snow Leopard [Pictured] 
Bride [White]
Bright Spark [Silver]
and Black Noir

From Office Wear...
Whilst I am not the going out - falling over kind of girl, My job is very on the go and I can go from an office setting to being outdoors or even out on a boat at the snap of a finger.
So, now - Tipsy Toes live in my handbag ready for those moments when heels are just not appropriate.

To Everywhere Wear
Tipsy Toes has definitely come in handy for me.
After being recently involved in a car accident and injuring my neck and back I am unable to last a full working day in heels and Tipsy Toes give me that well needed break 

Tipsy Toes + Their new home

Pros: The shoe is the perfect fit. I am a size 39 and fitted the Large quite comfortably, whilst the size was comfortable for my larger 41 sized friend.
Despite my initial doubts, the shoes DO actually fold and roll up into next to nothing which is fantastic for easily storing/carrying them for when they are needed.
The soles are quite thin, but are extremely sturdy, I have been wearing mine daily and they are yet to show wear.

Cons: The carry pouch is perfect to carry the Tipsy Toes in, but would be better if it folded out into a tote sized bag to carry the rejected heels.

For more information, or to purchase Tipsy Toes click here
And at only $19.95 what are you waiting for?

* Whilst the Snow Leopard and Bride come with the zippered polka dot pouch, the Black and Silver come in a sealable foil pouch
- Please note: whilst this product was sent to me for the purpose of review, the opinion expressed above is my own and is without prejudice.

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