Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spend Free April

Its official.

I am joining Mumma In Heels spending ban.

I already own the cutest "Piggy Bank" in the world.

My rules will be a little bit different to Melinda's.

Rule One - No unnecessary spending for four weeks, meaning the shopping ban ends on May 4th.

Rule Two - Unnecessary spending does not include groceries, petrol, bills, subscribed magazines or coffee. Essential clothing items may be purchased IF required [for example, to cater for weather etc]

Rule Three -  Unnecessary spending does include nail polishes, lip balm, all other makeup, fake tan, unsubscribed magazines, dinners out, body butter, new shoes, clothing, dvds and anything else that doesn't come under Rule Two.

Goal - Those who follow me on Twitter will know that I totalled my car in an accident on Sunday [I wasn't at fault and injuries, whilst painful, are not life altering or threatening] All monies saved will go towards the purchase of a new car.

Since I am stuck in bed recovering, Online Shopping is OST [Oh So Tempting], and online sales are massive at the moment. I have several packages on their way prior to commencing this ban, so reviews will continue.

And if you dream about buying things all day, check out the amazing Ms Awesome's Tumblr here. For things you both WANT and NEED.

Who else is with us?

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