Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 Things I learnt this weekend.

1. The car you have your heart set on will not be the car you buy. In fact, the car you swore you would never have will probably be the one you like better on test drive 
Mazda 2 > Mazda 3 / Honda Jazz / Suzuki Swift

2. Despite having searched and bartered and used every contact you have, asking your dad/brother/uncle/male relative about buying a car will have him announce he has a long lost BFF who is a car salesman in some obscure location that will drop the price a lot more than you were expecting to pay.

3. Buying a car sometimes means travelling to places you would rather not go
[uh, Parramatta anyone?]

4. Despite having lived with my parents for 18 years, they think 15 minutes is enough time for me to prepare to go out.

5. That burning smell you are complaining about? Thats me, GHDing my WET hair because you failed to give me adequate preparation time. And even after straightening my hair for the past 10 years, I still have not worked out how to blow dry my hair straight which ALWAYS results in straightened frizz.

6. Do not close the open linen cupboard door. It is ajar for a reason. Closing the door means the cat is trapped and will pee on every towel in said cupboard. Cat can open door from the outside - not from the inside.

7. If a container in the freezer is labelled "Brains" - do not assume your roomate is hiding something yummy from you. Sometimes, he is being serious. Seems your roomate may have "brains" afterall.

8. The sight of brains, will make you want to vomit. But you will still take a photo and upload to twitter first.

9. X-Files is just as creepy AND addictive as when you were a kid. And Mulder is still as hot. And you will MASSIVELY break your new spending ban to buy all 9 seasons on eBay.
Yep, I am a closeted geek.

10. You can spend the entire weekend with your parents, and you can actually enjoy it.


  1. Such a cute list, it really made me smile.
    Brains, though? why? haha

  2. lol Yerr I can definitely relate to the car buying bizzo 0_o


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