Sunday, May 29, 2011

Darby Street Coffee Festival Haul

I am on a Spending Ban right?

Well, today I broke it - BIG TIME.

Started off the morning at the Darby Street Coffee & Chocolate Festival [A must go event for all Novacastrians] had a nice coffee from one of the numerous coffee carts, then the splurge began.

First was this gorgeous retro style umbrella

I have been looking for one for AGES and since my SJP umbrella was snapped in my car accident I needed a new one.

Then, a few things for Miss3

A cute hand knitted beanie & a gorgeous pink crochet hair clip
Beanie and Hairclip can be seen 
here [Princess Scallywag]

This cute little draw string bag for her Ballet clothes/shoes
Gorgeous Pink Pyjamas - with a Ballerina
Ballet Bag & Pyjamas can be found here [Three Little Threads]

Then, I bought just a couple of necessities 

New T-Shirt [Miss Shop]

Because it was way to freakin' adorable AND on sale!

I buy dresses and wear them as long tops [Kmart]

I desperately needed a macbook bag - my old laptop bag is too big
It's way too cute - plus it has leopard print lining [Forever New]

I have wanted a dark brown handbag for AGES [Dotti]

A new scarf - I had one almost identical which I have misplaced [Dotti]

A new makeup bag; and some polishes [Sportsgirl & Revlon]

And now I am home, tired, broke but incredibly happy :)

What did you all get up to this weekend?


  1. Go hard or go home!! Good haulage. Was cheking the Sportsgirl pouches out myself only yesterday!!


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