Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Activance with Rhodanide

What they tell us:
 Revives Thinning, Damaged & Lifeless Hair; The Activance Hair Stimulant reinvigorates hair growth and instantly improves hair thickness, volume, shine, strength and quality.

My hair is a mess.

It is coloured and cut every 6 weeks but the damage from being daily heat straightened,  has taken a toll on my hair.

Even before I got my first highlights, or discovered the genius of the GHD, I have always had a problem with my hair falling out.

I can’t go anywhere without leaving [insert current hair colour here] strands all over the place – and with white tiles it is not a good look.

Due to the constant heat and colouring, my hair lacks shine and volume and I have tried pretty much everything to restore it to pre-colour days.

That’s why, to be honest, when I was sent Activance I wasn’t expecting much. I have tried products in the past that have promised me long, luscious locks and have failed to deliver.

What I think:
 Activance was different.

The smell is pleasant, not chemical or overpowering.
It is non-sticky on hands and does not stain clothes or furniture.

It is easy to use, just a few sprays and a quick massage to apply and can be applied to washed or unwashed hair.

From the first week I noticed my hair becoming shinier, by the second week my hair had more bounce and by week three my hair was noticeably thicker, longer and wasn’t falling out all over the place.

I have now been using the product, exclusively, for a month and am very impressed and surprised with the results.

Most products I have used make your hair feel greasy, or leave oil which makes it appear glossy – Activance leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh.

I will definitely buy this product again.

What the professionals say:
 I had my stylist assess my hair pre-Activance, and then again at 30 days. She was very surprised at the rate of growth and increased strength – as well as the lack of impact it had on my demi permanent colour. Most hair restoring products tend to alter a colour as well as leave a residue on the follicle.

 Activance did neither of these things.

Usually by 6 weeks I have very minimal regrowth and my fringe is just starting to cover my eyes. By the 30 day mark I had a very noticeable regrowth strip and my fringe had to be pinned back.

And the negatives?
Whilst I noticed less breakage/falling out of hair – I still have the same amount of hair loss during straightening BUT I am no longer leaving hair all over my office/car/bank/house/supermarket like a shedding cat.

For only $55.00 (RRP) for 200ML it is definitely a hair must have – especially for those wanting a little more bounce, a little more shine and a whole lot stronger hair.
The fact that it is Australian made and contains no harsh chemicals, preservatives, hormones, toxicity or drugs makes me love it even more.

To get yourself a bottle of this fab product – there are a list of stockists here

This product was sent for review consideration. This has not in any way influenced the review.
Product was used exclusively for 30days for review purposes. See 
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