Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Once again I am stealing a Tagged post from the wonderful Angela over at ...::[Beauty]blogged::...


B. Bed size.
And even that feels too small somedays.

C. Chore you hate: 
I hate it so much I don't do it.

D. Day: 

E. Essential start to your day: 
Is that bad? I check twitter before I even get out of bed in the morning.
Next is coffee; cannot function without coffee.

F. Favourite colour: 
Any of those.

G. Gold or Silver: 

H. Height: 
I am 165cm
Short enough to need heels.

I. Instruments: 
I used to be able to play the keyboard.
Now I can only rock the Guitar[Hero]

J. Job title: 
Sales and Events Manager

K. Kids:
Just my beautiful niece and my amazing nephews.
I love them enough to be my own.
Maybe more, since I can hand them back.

L. Live: 
Newcastle NSW.

M. Mum’s name: 

N. Nicknames: 
Lexi. Lex. Ally

O. Overnight hospital stays: 
Most recent was from the car accident.

P. Pet peeve: 
I have way too many for this.
Probably people who know the difference, but are just to lazy, to use your and you're correctly.

Q. Quote from a movie: 
"Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot." - Breakfast At Tiffany's.

R. Right or left handed: 

S. Siblings: 
2 sisters and a brother.

T. Time you wake up: 

U. Underwear: 
I wear it?

V. Vegetables you dislike: 

W. What makes you run late: 
I do.
I am terrible with keeping the time.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: 
Too many to count.

Y. Yummy food you make: 
Spinach/Ricotta Cannelloni

Z. Zoo: 
Pretty sure I live in a zoo somedays.

So, if you live in a zoo - you are officially TAGGED!
Go, then comment your link below.

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