Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's In My Bag

Alot of my fellow tweethearts/bloggers have been unveiling what it is they keep in their handbags.

Lucky for me, I switched out handbags last night so I can save you from the thousand and one bobby pins that usually take up residence in my handbag.

And just be warned - like most of my life its an Animal Print/New York overload!

First up, My handbag - It is a 2009 Guess leather bag, I bought it on holiday and whilst I have bought plenty of other bags since, I keep coming back to it.
Whilst I am not usually a fan of Gaudy Guess, there was something about this one.
It has all I require in a bag:
It's large
It's black
It is sturdy enough to carry around all my crap things
It was actually marketed as an overnight bag. Not even!
Please it has endured 2 years of being slugged around and hasn't got any signs of wear.

Starting top left hand corner:
Wayfarer style sunnies - El Cheapo from Cotton On since I broke my latest D&Gs
MacBook w/ New York stickers
iPhone w/ Leopard Print cover
Summer In The City - Candice Bushnell [I almost AWAYS carry a book; even before Rory made it cool]
My "Snow Leopard" Tipsy Toes
Avado Nipple Care Cream [for my lips people!]
My 2011 Diary [New York, of course]
My keys for the office
iPhone Charger
Office ID/Security Pass
Eclipse Mints
Hand Sanitiser [I ran out of Aqium and this was all I could get]
Anna Sui Purse
Makeup Bag [Freebie from Chicks at The Flicks Event]
Leopard Print Scarf [Usually tied to bag handle]

FOA Lip Quench in Power Surge
FOA Lip Liner in Red
Lip Brush
FOA Liquid Eyeliner
Kink Gloss in Ruby Red
Eyeshadow Brush
Kink Eyeshadow in Champagne
Kim Kardashian Roll on perfume
Lancome L'Extreme Mascara in Black
Maybelline "Baby Lips" in Smoothing Cherry
Generic Nile File 

So there you go voyeurs lovelies, its not very interesting, but it's my handbag.

Check out Michelle's handbag here

Have you completed a "What's in my bag post"? Add the link to the comments section so I can have a peek



  1. I'm so nosy, I love looking in other peoples bags!

  2. I love these posts! (: Here's mine:

  3. I should note though that I did take out a handful of Matchbox cars.
    They usually live IN my car, but since I don't have one at the moment they got thrown in.

    Mel, Looking forward to seeing whats in your handbag!

    Michelle, I have edited post to include a link to your post - hope thats okay!

  4. Definitely ok! Thank you! (:

  5. I love these posts, think I will have to do one xx

  6. Love these posts, and love that you keep your perfume rollerball in there. Gorgeous!


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