Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Haul: Priceline

I could almost change my residential address to my local Priceline, and have my wages paid directly in-store. It's where my budget goes to die. I walk in needing one thing and end up regretting not picking up a basket on entry.

Today was no different.

I went in for one thing. ONE.

And ended up with this:

Uhh, not bad for less than $50 right?

Necessities right? Hand Sanitiser, Deodorant.

Wait, what? A glass nail file WITH a light. Want. Only $1? Had to have it.

I hadn't seen the Models Prefer polish before, but I adored these two colours
$5.99 each? Score
[Swatches coming soon]

Not that I wear them often, but FIVE pairs of false eyelashes for $5? Plus a cute mock croc cosmetic bag? That is winning my friend.

Everything was on sale, so my inner shopaholic demon is satisfied, and so is my credit card.


  1. Ooh I've been eyeing off those Girls Aloud eyelashes, I'll have to see if I can get them on sale. What great bargains!

  2. I love Priceline too - great bargains. I have to try the glass nail filer, I've heard they are really good.

  3. Megan - I wasn't planning on buying anymore lashes. I have 4 sets still unopened, but I couldn't resist.
    They are fabulous styles - can't wait to try them out

  4. Dannii - I prefer glass files, even though I have false nails, they are cleaner and don't make that squeaky noise.
    However, on naturals they are the best.

  5. Those polishes look awesome! Can't wait for swatches! :D

  6. I will get onto those tonight - :D


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