Friday, June 3, 2011

Its all in the plum.

Not only are Plums a fantastic winter fruit*, it is a great way to inject some colour into a dull winter.

Image from here
Purple is so HOT right now so choose one** of these below options to bring some fab to the drab.

Replace your regular black/grey smoky eye with a plum/black combo for eyes that pop.

My top picks are:
Rimmel Glam Eyes in "Plum Romance"
Kink Silk Eyeshadow in "Gypsy"

Bring attention to your gorgeous, well looked after lips while everyone else is hiding theirs under layers of balm.
Secret is of course, to look after your lips.
I find a decent slather of paw paw at bedtime is enough to keep them well hydrated and flake free.
A weekly exfoliater works well too!

Arbonne Lip Polish in "Raisin" - a beautiful shimmery plum, perfect for hit of WOW.

Can't bring yourself to try purple on your face?
Inject that colour on your nails baby!

BYS Nail Enamel in "Plum Crazy"

*Plums are commonly referred to as a Summer Fruit - but you haven't tried my Nonna's yummy crumble recipe. Keep an eye out over the weekend when I will post this yummy winter treat.

**Don't be greedy.
Try these out one at a time, too much and you will end up looking like Grimace.

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  1. Plums are a winter fruit? That BYS polish in Plum Crazy is gorgeous. (:

  2. You can buy them in Summer - but some varieties are available in winter.
    They are better in winter - go into yummy belly warming things.
    Keep on eye on tomorrows post :)

    And it is!
    The photo doesn't do them justice, I took about 30 photos and they were the best ones :(


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