Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: Paraffin Hand Treatment

It is no shock to any of you when I say I have acrylic nails, you all see my NOTD posts.

When it comes to my nails I am very OCD and usually have them removed & re-applied every two weeks, it isn't viable for me to have natural nails as they are ridiculously weak [despite trying most "strengthening" treatments] 
I have been getting Acrylics for 10 years so when I find a fabulous technician I stay with them [until I move and have to start again]

My current tech has been doing my nails for over a year. She is fantastic.
As part of the service for her VIP [favourite] customers, she includes a Paraffin Hand Treatment after application.

After 30 minutes of nail removal, filing, buffing and drilling my cuticles are always a little worse for wear. For those who have no experience with Acrylics, it is not advisable to use cuticle oils as oil tends to "lift" the acrylic which leads to breakage and/or loss of the nail - which is not a good look.

Shrek Hands?
From top left to bottom right - showing how wax solidifies 

How does it work?

The technician places your hands into a container of warm wax, they may bring them out and re-dip to ensure there is a heavy coating of wax. After a few moments they bring your hands out and place them into a plastic wrap.

At this stage a warm cloth or towel is placed over your hands to keep you relaxed. After a period of time the cloth is removed and as the wax cools it contracts and slightly solidifies.

Once this is completed the technician removes the wax by lightly massaging and pulling the wax from your wrists down off your fingertips, it generally comes off in one piece as the wax does not completely harden.

The treatments take around 20-30 minutes and are said to soften skin/cuticles, soothe & relax and brighten skin. It is fantastic in winter, it is warming and it returns lost oils to dry skin.

What is it made of?

The wax is cosmetically formulated and has a lower melting temperature than other waxes. It contains Paraffin Oil , as well as Vitamin E and other nourishing oils with some choosing to add scented oils for relaxation purposes. 
Whilst Paraffin Oil is a by-product of petroleum, it is of food grade and has been refined for cosmetic purposes.

At first I was reluctant to have this treatment because of the chemicals. However, it is the same product used in a lot of other areas of the cosmetic industry - lipstick, hair products, creams etc - I have heard rumours of a more natural treatment however I have yet to confirm this, or find a salon that performs it.

How do I get one?

Paraffin treatments are available for hands, feet and even for facials. They vary greatly in price [and procedure] from salon to salon, however, most nail salons will have a package for a Manicure + treatment. 

What I think?

Despite my initial hesitation due to chemicals I am a complete addict now.
I probably would not purchase as a one off - but as a bonus with a manicure, or as a package with another item [facial, pedicure, massage] I think it is a great extra to consider.
Six hours after my last treatment and my hands are still feeling silky soft, my cuticles look healthy and my skin is a more even tone.


  1. Love the detailed review. Not tried this before...although I should start taking care of my hands...I dont want to have dry wrinkly hands

  2. I've heard of this hand treatment before. Seems interesting. I'll have to try it sometime.

    Also, I awarded you theLiebster blog award. You can go to my blog and check out my post and all the details for it. Congrats!

  3. Ling, I have THE worst hands.
    They look like they belong on a 40+ yr old woman so I need all the help I can get.

    If I had one wish to change one thing about my body I would keep my wobbly bits and freckles and choose nice hands with long slender fingers instead of my chubby little stump fingers haha

  4. Thanks Rebecca! Wow!

    And yes, its definitely one of my favourites.
    Have another of my favourite pampering activities planned for posting on Thursday :D


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