Friday, November 11, 2011

My Wishlist

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I am one of those unlucky peoples whose birthdays fall on or near Christmas.

I'm not a big fan of Christmas, or even of my birthday, but I do love that it means an excuse to spend time with the people I love most


Just in case my family is reading this [and I really don't think they are] these are the things I want for my Birthdaymas Present - and yes, I am aware I am dreaming.
Half Bangle Watch from DKNY
OMG. It's on SALE! Early birthday present to myself?

Doesnt have to be THIS one, because I don't know what I am supposed to get, but this one from JB Hi Fi looks pretty cool. [and not too heavy to carry around]

Glamour Box from The Makeup Box Shop
I NEED to get my organiser on.
And the Kardashians have them.
Need I say more?

THIS Karen Walker dress from Myer
It's pretty and I NEED more Karen Walker in my life!

Coral Fleurette Ruffle Sleeve dress from Myer
Hello there dress of my dreams! Wearing you would make me feel so pretty and special. Do WANT.

Braun Silk Epil7 also from Myer
Epilators are > Shaving and or waxing IMHO, and my current Epilator is about 3 years old and cannot be used in water. This is waterproof people! It's time for an upgrade.

Actually family, better yet, just give me Myer vouchers :)
Then I can buy pretty dresses and Illamasqua.
It's all a girl really needs.

What is on your Christmas wish list?

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  1. haha what a great wishlist! i hope you get something off it/myer vouchers so you can buy all the awesome dresses you wish. And seriously, those dresses are crazy awesome!

  2. I have an organiser similar to that (albeit not as pretty since it was intended to organise paper) and that one looks so much more organised than mine :P my crap is still rolling around everywhere inside it, haha

  3. That's the DSLR I have! It's awesome, I really recommend it. It's good for people like me who have never used a DSLR before. I even got a $50 discount at JB Hi-fi haha.

  4. I want that organiser!
    I just love the handles!


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