Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review; Tan Off

If you are anything like me, you will indulge in a spray tan [or 12] over the course of summer to get that sun kissed glow without the skin cancer. The downside to spray tans is that unlike suntans where the tan gradually fades, spray tans become patchy as they age and fade.
Tan Off
This used to mean scrubbing several layers of skin off with a mix of lemon juice and bicarb soda.
I was lucky enough to recieve a Tan-Off mitt at the ABBW and it's a pretty nifty invention.
Streaky Tan or Vitiligo?
See above? That is what I was dealing with a week and a half after my spray tan.
Still a few days before my next tan appointment I began the Lemon juice/Bi Carb prep when I remembered the Tan-Off mitt.
I have to be honest. I didn't think it would work.
By rubbing the wet mitt along your wet skin it would remove all your tan without shredding layers of skin? I don't think so, sounds way too easy.

Slightly red, but tan free
Once again, I was proved wrong.
With just a few strokes the tan had noticeably shifted without being abrasive to my skin.
The orange side of the mitt is for light exfoliation, whilst the black is stronger.

I used the orange side, the black was not needed at all.
My skin was left slightly red but disappeared after a few minutes, and was nicely exfoliated.
I am now tan free and ready for my next application.
Old tan stains. Ew. Rinsed right off - Yay!
The glove itself is easy to maintain.
Just hand wash with water, and leave it to dry before packing it away.
The Tan-Off mitt should last you 6 months, depending on how much you use it.

Tan-Off can be used on any kind of fake tan to even out or remove. Or, use it before application to help exfoliate your skin for a smooth application.

Tan Off retails for $24.95

NOTE: A comment from the lovely Tegan raised the point of what is IN the mitt to have it remove the tan. Tan-Off does not contain any chemicals, it is a special weave of fabrics which makes it more effective at tan removal than a loofah or washcloth.
From their website:
"After many hours of trials and research, we have found it! We have developed a fabric made up of two different weaves that will erase sunless tanning residue and which is also kind to the environment. The fabric weave is the most significant part to the removal process."

For more information, and stockists, click here

Product was supplied as a product sponsor of The ABBW - this has in no way influenced my review or opinion of the product. For more information, please read my Disclaimer page.


  1. I used mine for the first time last night in light of my chest looking like an 80 year old women hahaha (darn patchy week old tan) and it was Amazeballs!! I was thinking "oh just another exfoliating device" but WOW it actually works. I will definitely buy one once mine goes bye bye :)

  2. I hate rubbing my skin, it just feels so hot and itchy afterwards haha
    Looks like this works though

  3. hmmmmm, I haven't tried mine yet, but I am intrigued. what does it have in it to help with tan removal? Because surely a face washer or something would help if it is just a mitt, but I know from experience that it doesnt...

  4. Thanks voulez-amour - It does work. My skin hates exfoliants usually. Those loofah mitts are like sandpaper to me.
    As long as your skin and the mitt is wet, there is very little friction :)

  5. Rachel - Glad someone else finds it as good as I do!
    I love tan, until about 10 days in and I look so patchy it's ridic.
    Plus I hate the bicarb/lemon thing so now I know I can tan all I like and not look silly a week later :)

  6. Hey Tegan - thanks for the comment.
    After having a few probs with Blogger crashing, I now write into Pages/Word and copy over.
    Guess I didn't copy it all - oops.
    See above "Note".
    Thanks for reading!


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