Friday, February 17, 2012

Benefit Brow Bar

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I have now moved to Melbourne! 

And one of the first things on my agenda was to FINALLY have something done about my eyebrows, I have been jumping between "growing them out" and "just DO something about them" for the past few years, but this time, I hadn't touched them in 4 weeks.

I rang and made an appointment at the Benefit Brow Bar at Myer Highpoint, for the first thing the following morning 
[Less people wandering around watching me be de-browed]

This is me* before the appointment - Do I seem nervous?
Marianne was lovely and put me to ease immediately.
She asked how/what I wanted done to my brows, and as a total brow newbie I told her I just wanted them shaped.

Marianne explained how she would re-shape them to follow their natural arch and to better suit my face, and also explained that due to their tragic** state, it would probably take a few sessions to get that "perfect" brow shape.

Within 10 minutes, my brows were amazing, she then applied some Benefit Concealer to lessen the redness and went about showing me how to "fill in" the gaps using Benefit "Brow Zing" - I purchased it immediately [review on that to come]

And as if I wasn't impressed enough, I received a sample size of Benefit the POREfessional to try. 

And ta-da, the finished product!

T: Benefit Beauty Counter
B: My new brows
As you can see there is some work to be done, but the initial shape is fantastic, and I have promised NOT to have tweezers anywhere near them and to re-book in 4 weeks.
Previous to this they have always been too thin and artificially shaped. 
I am really looking forward to getting them filled in, so I have them tinted to better match my hair 

If you haven't already, head into Benefit at Highpoint, and ask for Marianne.
Best $25 you'll spend on your brows.

* Obviously NOT me, but I'm not mean enough to post a photo of the before - ugh.
This image was from google.

** My words, not hers.


  1. They look amazing!

    I am so into thick eyebrows right now (well not crazy thick, I don't want to get around looking like Bert in that pic!), so happy to see you blogging again too.


    1. Thanks Mel.
      I am in love.
      Always wanted thin brows because I don't naturally have them [unlike my sisters :P]
      Now it seems the tables have turned and it's my poor brows time to shine.

      Just have to work on growing them - which I NEVER thought I would be saying

  2. Oh oh OH Lexi! Your brows look AMAZE!! So impressed. And you know what I'm like with eyebrows. (read: obsessed.) So glad you're getting into BrowZings too - absolute lifesaver. Can't wait to hear more from glorious Melbourne! xxx

    1. Thanks Lovely - means a LOT coming from the brow queen xo

  3. Wow, love what they did with your brows. I think I'm overdue for a shape but of course in Canberra we don't have said Brow Bar that everyone is raving about... perhaps I need a dedicated trip to Melb ;)

    I'm running a giveaway over at my blog and would love you to enter: Jewellery Pack Giveaway!

    1. You'll have to believe me that my brows before were absolutely horrid.
      Could not post an image like that on my blog - too scary.

      They still have a way to go, but are a 100% improvement already.

      Thanks for the link, will have a peek :D

    2. there is now a benefit brow bar in civic myer canberra

    3. There's been a Brow Bar at Myer Canberra Centre since the revamp in late 2011.

  4. I love the Benefit brow bars, you actually feel like they know what they're talking about and aren't desperate to finish you off and get to the next client!


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