Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Introducing; My New Hair

About a week ago I took to Twitter to ask for recommendations for the best place in Melbourne for a cut & colour.
The 6 week mark was quickly approaching, and my colour was sub-par, very dull and I was having a losing battle with split ends.

The recommendations came flying in thick and fast and all suggested the same place:

The gorgeous Mel went one step further, she recommended to book in with Nathan for a colour, and Jacky for a cut.

I didn't even need to google them, I had seen the photos and reviews come through over the past few months and if the MBBE girls loved them, I knew I would too.

I couldn't lose.
With L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival looming, I knew I had to get in quick.
I rang and booked in and couldn't believe my luck when I managed to get an appointment with the two superstars.

Oscar Oscar use Aveda products.
It was explained to me that this was because they were more natural products, as well as being better for your hair.
This became apparent during the bleach bath.
Usually having bleach applied is a form of torture, the smell and the burning sensation can be very overwhelming.
I experienced none of those things with the Aveda 
Oscar Oscar Stations - Can you say Chic?

The whole atmosphere is so different to what you would expect from a salon being in a busy shopping centre such as Chadstone.
You forget as soon as you walk in, the music is relaxing and appropriate
[No top 40 or techno to be heard]
The staff are courteous, professional and very helpful
And there is no overpowering smell of bleach or chemicals.

Both Nathan and Jacky consulted with me prior any work being undertaken, and I was given a quote as to cost so I could choose wether to proceed with any/all recommendations.

Nathan discussed tones and what shades work best for me,
He also checked with Jacky in relation to style and the three of us made the decision.
Nathan then explained how he would go about achieving the desired colour.
This would require a bleach bath, the colour and then a treatment.

Jacky explained how bad a condition my hair was in [heat styling twice daily is BAD people]
That it needed a decent amount taken off, but would like to take more off to give it more structure and texture.

Whilst my colour was developing, I was treated to a Hand Spa by the lovely Dom.
I was well embarrassed as to the condition of my nails*

After a bleach bath, then the colour, I had a treatment put through my hair.
While it was on, the lights were dimmed and this area became so zen.
Candles were burning and I felt very at peace and relaxed.

Lately, my hair has become like my skin.
The Smooth Infusion range was recommended for my hair type.
A shampoo, conditioner and masque.
Not only will it improve my hair, but it will also help keep my hair straight and frizz free for longer.
I purchased all three.

Me, hiding, and the lovely Nathan
Despite the fact he isn't smiling, Nathan was not only great at his job [This guy has mad skillz] but friendly as well. Nothing was too much trouble - even me wandering around taking snaps of the salon.

New Style - Breaking the redheads can't wear red rule.

This is the shortest my hair has been since I was about 5 years old.
Whilst I absolutely adore it, it will take me a while to get used to it, changing my styling etc.

Jacky did an amazing job.
My hair feels healthier than it has in years - and whilst the above photo probably does no justice to the cut (I should of taken a photo IN the salon, immediately after it was done) I am SO SO SO happy with it.

My layers have been cut out, to give my hair a more solid, yet textured, look.
My old style was boring, flat and needed modernising.

The most gorgeous copper/red ever!

Nathan did an absolutely FABULOUS job with the colour.
I love it!
I don't feel washed out, it is radiant, not flat and it helps bring out the green in my eyes.

Follow Oscar Oscar, Nathan and Jacky on Twitter.

* Make sure you check back later this week for my Nail Chronicle post.

In the interest of full disclosure, I paid for both my cut, colour AND products.
However, did receive a 20% VIP discount as I was referred by a friend.
There was no review request, nor did this impact my review or opinion of the salon. 


  1. You look amazing!

    LOVE the colour. It really does bring out your eyes.


    1. Thanks Doll.
      I am really happy with it.

      Still curse my lack of hair styling skills every morning though :P

  2. Love your hair, it really suits you :D x

  3. wow Lexi, you look gorgeous!! So so lovely with that colour! xx

    1. Thanks Tegan :)

      I always get a bit, okay a lot, petrified posting pics on here

  4. Love the red and the fringe! 2 things I want, but am too scared to try ;)

    1. Thanks Michaela :D
      Have you tried the iPhone apps that change your hair colour? It's pretty fun, plus you get to see if certain styles/shades suit your face shape/colouring etc

      I definitely do not suit a mullet :P

  5. That colour is freaking amazing! I love it doll. The cut & colour suit you perfectly.

    1. Wow - thanks M!
      I am obsessed with this colour!

      It's exactly what I pictured when I first went red/copper - previous HD said it couldn't be done.
      Pfft. What does SHE know?

  6. amazing color! suits you so much!!! love your eyes too!!! =)

  7. HOTHOTHOT! love this look, makes me want my blunt fringe back *shakes fist at ya*
    I really want to visit Oscar and Oscar, they seem amazing

  8. Oh Lex you look so HOT! That blunt fringe and colour... sizzling! ;)


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