Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Best of Etsy; Twitter

I am a huge online browser.

And of all the online shopping platforms, Etsy is probably my favourite.
I can get lost online for hours looking at everything from jewellery to bookends. 

This week, I bring you, my top 5 Twitter inspired Etsy items.

How adorable are these pillows?
Great colours, and not too "twitter-centric" that you would be laughed at for having them adorn your lounge.

These cuties are $19.99 USD each and can be purchased here

 Into shameless self-promoting?
This is a cute spin on the "Follow me" tweets.

Get your Twitter necklace for $43 USD from here

This one needs no comment.

These come in 3 sizes from small to tall, costing $18 USD a pair.
Follow the link to here to get your pins on these babies.

Probably my personal fav of all the twitter related mech available on Etsy.
This cute keyring costs just $5.13 and is available from here

And just incase the pillows, keyring, necklace AND stockings didn't increase your followers, why not buy this set of 3 8x10 wall art.

$15 USD and available in 20 different colours.
Purchase yours today! 

So dolls, whats the craziest "craze" you've seen on Etsy?
Check back next week when I share my next Top 5 on Etsy 

1 comment:

  1. I love all the Twitter stuff! So funny.
    I found a pair of iphone earrings on Etsy once. I couldn't stop giggling.
    Great post lovelyy.


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