Saturday, April 30, 2011

Face Of Australia; Molten Metallics Pt2

White Gold
The most subtle of the collection, the shade is beautiful and would suit any skin tone.
Pros: The colour
Perfect for everyday wear
Cons: It can be very streaky if not applied correctly
Not a polish to apply if in a hurry

One of my top 3 of the range. The colour is more olive than an obvious green
Pros: The unique colour
Hides nail imperfections quite well.
Cons: Can also be streaky if not carefully applied

Flaming Lava
Perhaps the greatest red polish I have yet to see. The specks of glitter in this polish add a whole other dimension to this polish.
Pros: Non-streaky and hides nail imperfections.
It is easy to remove - unlike most red polishes
Brilliant shine that doesn't fade.
One coat is enough if you are time poor.
Cons: Be careful around the edges

A gorgeous purple shade with light reflecting glitter.
Pros: Brilliant Shine
Easy to remove
Cons: Highlights nail imperfections
Definitely require 2 coats

The best silver polish I have come across. The formula of the polish makes it perfect for decoration
Pros: Perfect for hiding flaws
Great for Nail Design I.E Konad
Colour is HOT, compliments jewellery
Cons: Too full on for day to day wear
Colour can highlight the flaws in application
It can be difficult to remove

Pro: Fantastic colour - adds "pop" to any outfit
Amazing for nail design, looks FAB as a base for animal print
[see here ]
Con: Difficult to remove
Best not to wear with gold jewellery as it can appear brassy

Colour is definitely better applied than in bottle - it is a true to life bronze which looks amazing on nails, especially with olive toned skin
Pro: Not to OTT for everyday wear
Perfect for nail design
Con: Slightly difficult to remove due to glitter

Iron Ore
Better than a regular black polish, it contains flecks of glitter which catch the light.
Pro: Adds a new dimension to regular black polish
Covers nail imperfections
One coat is sufficient for the time poor
Removes quite easily for a black polish
Con: Doesn't photograph well
Shows up application imperfections

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