Monday, April 18, 2011

My Beauty Cupboard

So, I totally stole this from the Fabulous Angela from [Beauty]Blogged

If you have done this, add the link in the comments section - would LOVE for new recommendations.

Shampoo: Johnson Baby Shampoo.
Since I don't use much product [if ever] so I don't need the heavy duty product remover. I find it extremely light and my hair has been in a much better condition since I swapped to baby shampoo.

Conditioner: I swap. Alot. At the moment, I am using NAK Protective Conditioner [as I GHD daily] and it seems to be working - very little breakage, if any and no frizzy flyaways.

Styling products: I very rarely use any - I am currently loving NAK Aromas and apply it after every wash. I bought the bottle over a year ago and have used only quarter of the bottle.
I received Activance Hair Treatment today and am very keen to try it out. I will be doing a product review at a later date.

Shower Gel: Coconut Shower Creme from the Body Shop. I LOVE anything Vanilla or Coconut scented, so that was my number 1 in choosing this wash. 

Body moisturiser:  I am addicted to St Tropez, so in summer I use their Body Moisturiser, but in winter I prefer the heavier, thicker Body Butter

Deodorant:  Nivea "Calm & Care" - but this changes all the time.

Fake Tan: No surprises here - St Tropez Mousse
However, I was sent a Face of Australia tanning mousse that I am yet to try.

Cleanser: Clinique Liquid Facial soap - Oily skin formula

Toner: Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4
Exfoliator: For body - St Tropez Body Polish
For face - Clinique Exfoliating scrub - Not my fav, but am yet to find one I like better.

Peeling: n/a

Mask: H20 Sea Mineral Mud Mask - I very rarely use this.

Serum: I was using the L'Oreal eye serum, but wasn't loving it.

Moisturiser: Clinique moisturising gel

Primer: Up until last week I was a Napoleon Auto Pilot addict. But now I am LOVING Face of Australia Face Base Primer

Foundation & brush: Still loving my Napoleon Foundation stick with MAC 190 

Concealer: As bad as the rest of their products are, I love my Mary K concealer in beige which I apply with MAC 195

Powder: LOVING new addition of Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Foundation Loose Powder

Blusher:  Not yet a fan of Blusher - but was also scared of liquid eyeliner a week ago :D

Bronzer: I use Benefit 10 which is a combined Bronzer/Highlighter combo [if you don't own this, you should!]

Highlighter: See above

Eyeshadow base: None.

Eyeshadows: I'm not in a monogamous with any eyeshadow, or any particular brand, I will give them all a go - but I do have my eye on Almay Intense I-Colour Smoky-I Kits.

Eyeliner: Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Curler: I don't use one, my eyelashes are already ridiculously curled.

Mascara: Lancome - L'Extreme in Black

Lipstick: None. 

Lipgloss: Been known to switch throughout the day from any of my three favs - Estee Lauder in Passionfruit Shimmer, Dior Addict in Empire Pink and Face of Australia Devine Shine in Lavish Instinct

Nail Colour: At the moment I am classic French polish, however, am sporting Face Of Australia's "Flaming Lava" from the Molten Metallic collection on my toes.

Have you completed this questionnaire?
Let me know and I will link you here too


  1. Thanks for the link, hun! :)
    I loooooove the coconut stuff from the Body Shop! Smells insanely good.

  2. I love the blog you have here!

    Please follow me:

  3. I did this last week, was good to see what I'd been using most of late=)
    heres my link:


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