Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Evening; Pampering

Aside from going into work, I have been practically homebound for the past 2 weeks 
And since I have also placed myself on a spending ban [missed it? read up here ] a pedicure is something my poor neglected feet have been craving.

So, since I have very little else to do with my Sunday Night I chose to give myself a little bit of old fashioned Home Pampering.

All the basics.

your old polish with Nail Polish Remover using either cotton pads or balls.
If the polish is stubborn, hold the soaked ball/pad over the nail for a few moments before wiping
I don't have a preference to brands of NP Remover but do use non-acetone as I have acrylic nails.

My favourite part of the whole process is the
Foot Soak, however, I usually relax in a bath at this point but its up to you how far you want to take your home pampering.
Into the warm bath I add a few drops of L'Occitane bath oil

I prefer not to buff/razor my feet at home - I leave that to the professionals at the salon. But I do use the Mary K  Satin Hands Scrub to give my feet an
exfoliation before I polish and moisturise.

cut and file [always straight, never shape] your nails and give them a quick buff
[I use the Miracle Shine buffer]

Choose your colour of
polish - with toes I tend to stick to black, however, I recently received the Face Of Australia Molten Metallics collection and I am in LOVE with "Flaming Lava" - a gorgeous metallic red.

Since I couldn't completely commit to a flaming red, I used "Titanium" as an undercoat.
The silver just slightly shines through the red and it makes it shimmer even more.

I am definitely an undercoat, 2 colour coats and a top coat kinda gal

Once the polish has dried, it is time to
moisturise. After a home pedicure I really like the Mary K Extra Emollient Night Cream, I also rub in Bio Oil to any heeling blisters to avoid scarring.
Pop on a pair of cotton socks, make yourself a cup of peppermint tea and settle into bed with a good book [or an ep or two of Glee]

Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing Sunday


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