Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Technology VS Paper

I had to have a iPhone.
I bought a MacBook to better sync with said iPhone

My iPhone has every organisational app known to man, yet, I never use them.

I am old school.

I carry around a notebook to keep blog ideas, recipes, shopping lists, notes, addresses etc
And a diary to keep my appointments & meetings and keep track of birthdays. My office is covered in coloured post-its with reminders and I am never without a never ending to-do list.

And how can you wipe out traditional organisation with cute notebooks & diaries like these

Notepad Holder from Etsy

Recipe Box from Typo

Notebook from Made It

So dolls, do you leave your organisation up to technology? or are you all about to-do lists, jotting on notepads and scheduling meetings on post-its in a cute diary?

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  1. I'm a sucker for a pretty notepad and am always scribbling in them at home. I have about 5 right now for different things.

    Even though I have a nice Moleskine in my bag for notes, lists and ideas - I end up jotting them down on my phone. It's just easier. :P


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