Tuesday, May 10, 2011

April; The month that was...

Poor Little Car.

The month started on a bad note with my car being totalled on the 3rd day.
This accident had me in hospital and incredible amounts of pain for weeks.
A month later I am still carless, sore and anxious.

Best Friends Forevs - Miss3 and Master3

The month brightened up when my gorgeous niece [Miss 3] came up from Melbourne along with her mum, dad and GiantBaby for a whole week!

Mermaid & The Elegant Rabbit

April meant Easter.
So lots of chocolate was consumed.
Easter for us also means family time so loads of family dinners, and heaps of hugs.

Not fashionable, but damn warm
The cooler weather means snuggles on cool wet days.
Boots, Scarves, Gloves and tailored coats.
I love everything about winter.

From this.
I spent most of April in bed, or confined to my house.
So I didn't get as many dumplings as I would of liked.
Instead it was swapped for even worse frenemy

To this.


I discovered, and became the proud mother of a Bouncing Baby Konad.
It wasn't exactly love at first sight.
It was a love-hate relationship for a while.
But persistance paid off and it's now my best friend.

The Duke & Dutchess
Its not an April roundup without mentioning the Royal Wedding.
I was deadset against watching the wedding.
Until I watched Twitter go crazy - one glimpse of the coverage and I was hooked for hours.
Kate's dress was stunning
And they do make an awfully cute couple.
Is it just me, or would anyone else of been annoyed at the title of "Duchess" after bagging a prince?

What happened in your April?

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