Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Liebster.

Is it wrong I say this with a really heavy-Soprano inspired Brooklyn accent when saying Liebster?

But, Wow.

I am so incredibly honoured that Annica from Haute & Stylish chose me for her recent Liebster Award Post.
[She talks me up a bit too xox ]

A Liebster Blog award is a "Pay It Forward" style award, in which the reciever then awards to 3 other blogs [With less than 300 Followers].

Since I am assuming I cannot nominate Annica for the award again [Even though I would! Seriously, check her blog out - Ah Maz Ing, and she is total sweetheart too!] here are 3 of my favourite blogs

Okay so:

#1 Sarah from Blink And You'll Miss It - a Gorgeous Fashion Blog from one of the sweetest bloggers/tweeters around. This blog is so good I can even forgive her for loving Justin Beiber :) But seriously, at 15 I think I was probably still playing with Barbies** so, You go girl!
 [**or not, but I definitely wasn't writing a fashion blog]

#2 Angie from ...::[Beauty]blogged::... She is FAB! Tells it like it is, it is the perfect mix of Beauty & Lifestyle for those of us with slight voyeuristic tendancies xox

#3 The gorgeous Stacey from The Veggie Mama because Vegetarian Food can.be.amazing! Yep - you heard it here folks, and if you don't believe me? Get on over to VM and check it out for yourself - Stacey might even bake you cookies. Maybe.

Since joining the blogging community, I have met so many incredible lovelies that inspire me.
Every person on my Recommended Follow List needs an award, you are all fabulous!


  1. Congrats! Well deserved!

  2. Just found your blog via twitter - lovely to discover another newcastle blogger!


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