Thursday, May 26, 2011

My New Baby

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to my new baby:

This is, to be honest, the best lip balm I have used in a while, I am a stickler for Paw Paw to repair my damaged lips.

The packaging is just so cute! Reminds me of 80's street style graffiti and being a child of the 80's it was love at first sight. The cost was a huge plus too, just $3.95 and comes in 4 flavours
 -Energizing Orange 

-Smoothing Cherry 
-Anti-Oxidant Berry

I chose Smoothing Cherry because I am a sucker for anything "Cherry" flavoured - its in my top three along with Vanilla and Mint. But I would definitely like to try the Anti-Oxidant Berry.

As most of you know, my day job involves me being in the sun and wind a lot so choosing products which have a good SPF are important to me. This little one has an SPF of 20 so it protects my lips from the harmful UVs I encounter daily. 

It took less than a day for my lips to feel rejuvenated.
My lips have been an embarrassment this winter - nothing has helped bring them out of their coma until Baby Lips came to town.

I have been using the balm as a lip conditioner under my liner and gloss.
I would suggest using as a conditioner or before bed as it's a balm it leaves a residue on your lips like a thin grease rather than a gloss.

What cheap but effective products have you tried recently? 


  1. I've ranted at everyone about this. everyone. You MUST try Amolin. I've used the babylips, lanolips, paw paw, and nothings been as knockout effective as Amolin. Looks like this: baby aisle in coles. DO IT.

  2. You've told me, I actually found this when I went looking for that.
    My local coles is stupid and doesn't stock Amolin, I even asked.
    Said they have had a surge in requests though

    Will check out the chemist as soon as i get a chance :)

  3. Oohhh now you've got me curious at this particular flavor !! I've seen these around and still haven't got around to try them out ;)


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