Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NOTD; Pastel Palette

Because Summer has gone, and Winter is looming I decided to brighten things up and do two things I rarely do:
a. Multi colours
b. Pastel

Now, I don't have an issue with Pastel Polishes, I just find them to be too time consuming to properly perfect and I cannot leave the house with streaky nails.
And multi-colours, well, I am not 6 anymore, and these are polishes, not crayola markers.

It actually started because I couldn't decide which colour to use.

Thumb: Nail It! in "Tangerine"
Index: Unfortunately the brand label has faded however the colour is "Aqua"
Middle: NYC Color in "Lemon"
Ring: Nail It! in "Apple"
Pinky: Orly in "Cotton Candy"

I love them all. Such a gorgeous range of pastels that I cannot wait to use all Spring!


  1. I really really like Cotton Candy! I have been searching for a pink like that FOREVER! How's the Konading going?

  2. It is gorgeous.
    I love the Orly formula.

    P.S your blog is fab!
    I love animal prints too

  3. Pretty! Kinda in love with that yellow, to be honest. haha

  4. Thanks! Animal print is my current obsession. Haha, who am I kidding, shoes are also an obsession, & nail polish & clothes & the list could go on forever.......!


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