Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fruity or just plain nuts?

I am sure by now you will of heard, and probably ordered, a Harvest Box.
If not, basically, you sign up and once a week [or more] you are delivered a multi box of assorted dried fruits and nuts.

The packaging "Alerts" are a little funny and keep the theme from Website to Product

It is a fantastic idea for the health conscious but time poor person, so when I was informed of the site I knew I had to give it a go**.
The process is simple, log on to Harvest Box and sign up.
Choose the day(s) you want them to be delivered,
Choose the destination they are to be sent,
and hand over your credit card information.

The packaging got slightly damaged but it didn't alter the contents - Win!

I work in an office, so the temptation for snacking is huge. Luckily for me [and my thighs] there isn't anywhere handy to pick up that 3:30itis packet of M&M's
This was the perfect solution. Have them delivered on a Monday and I had 4 packages of semi-healthy snacking material to last the week.

Five selections would be a better sell - Monday to Friday in a box.

The cost is $6.95 a box, which includes 4 portions.
Now, $6.95 isn't a great deal of money, but you certainly do not get what you pay for.

Sure, the product is sent straight to you and you can't put a price on convenience, but for those on a budget I wouldn't recommend.

The serving sizes are small, but are a recommended serving - they aren't share friendly.

The portions themselves are quite small.
It's not something you can share around the office, and I dislike that you do not choose your selection. You are asked to log in to the members area of the site and vote on the packages you received.
Harvest Box then makes up future boxes to what they feel you would enjoy.
Kind of like iTunes Genius for the taste-buds.

My favourite part; dried mango

**At the time of writing this blog I had been charged for 3 deliveries.
I have only received one package, and am waiting to hear back from Customer Support.
This wasn't for me and I have now cancelled my subscription.


  1. that really is handy! i snack on nuts and dried fruit every day, but not being able to choose your own mix might be annoying - what if you're allergic to one type of nut? nice idea though. and great packaging.

  2. It is handy.
    I really really wanted to like it.

    I am sure with more time I would get a better feel for it and how it really works but just wasn't happy to be paying for something I wasn't receiving


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