Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to store your Nail Polish

I have recently become addicted to purchasing, and using, nail polish.

I never really cared about how I "care" for my polishes.
They are usually thrown haphazardly into a drawer.
No thought to shelf life or temperature.

I was such a noob.
But it's not something you really think about.

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So, here are the top ten things you should consider when you store your polishes:

1. Keep your polish bottles the right way up.
Letting them lay on their side or even upside down makes it harder to mix the pigment.

2. Keep them cool.
Some people keep them in the fridge, but my roommate would kill me because as a man he would probably use them as a sandwich condiment.
There is no need to do this as long as they kept in a cool, dark place - out of direct sunlight.
This reduces evaporation, caking and settlement.

3. Roll the bottle, don't shake it.
Contrary to popular belief, shaking adds bubbles.
Roll the bottle to keep the polish smooth

4. Close the lid TIGHTLY after application.
This pretty much sums it up.

5. Forgot to close the lid properly?
Formula thickened up?
DO NOT add nail polish remover, this will get you through another coat but won't last the long haul.
Try Seche Vite Restore - a few drops will return your slightly gluggy lacquer back into its regular consistency [No thinning, YAY!]

6. Ever have your favourite colour seal itself shut?
Make sure there is no polish around the "thread" of the bottle. I use a cotton pad to do a quick wipe after each polish. You can dab a little Vaseline around the thread of the bottle to prevent the polish from drying there.

7. You don't have to spend a fortune to store them.
Priceline sells Nail Polish stands made out of acrylic for $12 and it holds 26 polishes.
Otherwise, be innovative.
Small baskets or even cutlery holders work perfectly well!
If you have a huge collection [and the space] you can buy ex-salon stands relatively cheap from eBay

8. Its tempting, but don't keep them in the bathroom.
The humidity and extreme changes in temperatures effects the formula.

9. When painting your nails, try doing it in a room or space without a fan/heater/breeze.
These can add bubbles :)

10. A bottle of polish is only good for 1-2 years.
Following these rules may stretch out that fav limited edition for a little while longer.
But after 2 years, toss it. 
The formula starts to get lumpy and goo-ey and no amount of Restore will help you.

Got any hidden tips on prolonging the life of your favourite shade? 
Add them to the comments and I will pop them up.


  1. Great tips!

  2. Oh, I'm a nail polish addict. There is not a colour that I do not own. Mine are all stored in a basket, in a cupboard {admittedly in the bathroom} and I always roll my polish before painting.

    I've been going nude for a few weeks, trying to give my nails a break, but oh I am hankering for a bit of colour...

  3. Great post! Thanks for the tips. I love nail polish so this is great!


  4. Fab post, I have a nail polish addiction too, its bad isnt it lol :-) x


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