Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: China Glaze "Coconut Kiss"

Put your hands up if you have seen "He's Just Not That Into You?"
Keep them up if you LOVED Gigi's nails? That amazing purple that you HAD to have.

Remember this scene?*

Well, this isn't it.
This is a dupe. But it is MUCH more accessible for us Aussies than the original [Nubar in "Pasadena Purple]

I don't know why this shade is called "Coconut Kiss" - With a name like that I would of expected a white or a matte brown shade, not a gorgeous vibrant purple hue.

China Glaze in "Coconut Kiss"

Opaque in two coats
         Metallic but no obvious shimmer
         Once dry the polish is true to the colour in the bottle
         Works well as full colour or as decoration

 Seems to be thinner than other China Glaze polishes.
         Looks streaky on application [like most CG polishes, it disappears once dry]
         Not so great for Konading as it is a thin formula

This is definitely a new favourite.
China Glaze is probably one of my favourite polish brands at the moment, great range, great price and the product always delivers.

*Sorry for the poor quality scene grab - iPhone camera + TV Glare doesn't make for great images.


  1. Such a pretty purple :)
    I'm loving China Glaze at the moment - so many colours to choose from and so cheap!

  2. It's gorgeous Mel.
    It's darker than Spontaneous [By a couple of shades] but its a deeper purple than FOA Amethyst.
    Loving it.

    Plus, I love CG lack of streakyness.

  3. Holy crap, I LOVE this colour! I don't have anything like it so I obviously need it in my life.


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