Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Leibster - Part Due

I was nominated for a Leibster by the gorgeous Rebecca from We Own The Sky [If you don't already follow her, get on that!]
and I was totally floored. Thank you gorgeous girl! I feel honoured.

So, for those who have missed the Leibster bandwagon, it is an award given out by bloggers to three fellow bloggers they love, admire, stalk, etc. Catch is, the blog catching the Leibs has to have less than 300 followers.
It's a small piece of recognition for the little guys who work hard to produce something that others will hopefully read.


[Love] #1 Julie at Me, My Best and I : Most blogs are written by lovers of makeup, fashion and skincare. Julie is a qualified beauty therapist so she ACTUALLY knows what she is talking about :) Check out her blog for some great hair, skin and nail products and while you are there, help celebrate the blog getting to 50 followers and enter Nifty Fifty Giveaway

[Admire] #2 Celeste at Becoming Beautiful : This blog is, in a word, inspiring. The tagline is "because everybody can be beautiful". It truly is an inspiring blog in todays society.

[Stalk] #3 Suzanne at Don't They Know Who I am? : A WHOLE post on Labyrinth ? Someone sharing my somewhat inappropriate fascination with Bowie's Tights As Pants? Swooon! Also, if you need some happy in your life - follow Suzanne on Twitter because she may be the only person who understands my obsession with calling my first born Jareth.

Now lovelies, go forth and Leiber!


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  1. Oh babes- you are too lovely. Thank you kindly!! I don't know about the knowing about what I'm talking about more than enjoying the sound of my own voice!! Oh will have to think of 3 lovelies to pass this on to :)


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