Friday, July 22, 2011

Dreaming Of Nonna's

This time last week I was curled on the lounge with a hot mug of tea and a "Nonna Bikkie" [to quote Master3] and I felt so at peace with the world despite all that was going on.

This afternoon I stopped in at Coles and picked up a packet to try and replicate the feeling of safety, security and love as I do when I am at her house.

(First attempt @ iPad photography)

It's funny that something so simple (and not even handmade) can recreate an experience that you will hold on to forever.
Milk Coffee biscuits are the staple in that household from the time I was a baby and even now as an adult.

I <3 my Nonna more than anybody else on this planet. She is my idol, my inspiration and my life.

Is there a food, a smell, a sound that has the same effect on you?


  1. Oh i love this post. We used to have the same bickies at my nans. But the thing that gets me is at christmas when i bake her shortbread recipe. The smell and taste makes me smile. I miss her cooking. She did it much better than me!

  2. Thanks lovely.
    The thing about grandmothers is they always think you do a better job, even when you don't think you do :D
    I'll bet your shortbread is just as good.
    I can't even attempt my Nonna's spaghetti, I cry when she tries to tell me the recipe

  3. What a lovely post! I'm glad you have a beautiful relationship with your Nonna. I was really close to mine, but she passed on last year. Even writing this brings tears to my eyes. I miss her so much. She was an amazing woman who taught me so much. Whenever I see or smell a rose I am taken back to her garden- helping her water the plants and feed the birds on a sunny afternoon. That's why I have my rosewater spritzer with me at all times. Whenever I'm stressed, I spray it and am taken back to happier times.
    God bless your Nonna- this post has made me so happy, Lexi. Thank you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Hahaha and now I can hear her getting angry at me for crying- "Why are you crying Annica!? I had a long and wonderful life and wouldn't change anything! I am so happy!"
    Oh Nanny....

  5. Oh that made me smile and also teary.
    I love that we are able to recognize our relationships with our grandmothers. I would be so sad if I didn't take the time with her now because I know it's limited

    What a lovely way to feel her presence!


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