Saturday, July 2, 2011

RIP Miss Jasmine

Jasmine Rose

The most gorgeous looking kitty in the world, with the worst temperament.

I will miss your growls and hisses and the way your crystal blue eyes glowed red when I tried to cuddle you.
I liked that you weren't like other cats, all clingy and needy.
You were your own feline, didn't bend to the rules, you were miss independent from the day I got you.

Goodbye to my first best friend



  1. :-( Animals do not live long enough. Loved and missed, they are.


  2. Oh she was an absolute bitch, I think that's why I loved her so much. We understood each other :)

    She was 13 though, so she had a pretty good life.

  3. =( hugs to you, poor Miss Jasmine xx


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