Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Empties

Dove Go Fresh Deodorant - Cucumber & Green Tea
I am pretty much a sucker for anything Cucumber and/or Green Tea related so this was a win for me.
Roll On creeps me out - Germaphobe here, but I am definitely not monogamous with deodorant. 
Pretty much whatever I pick up on a grocery shop.

Activance with Rhodanide
This was sent to me for review consideration, it was love at first spritz.
I ran out during the week and I am missing it so much.
A definite repurchase come payday.

Imperial Leather "Foamburst"
Jasmine & Green Tea
I loved the idea of this, while I am not usually a fan of "foaming" products, I decided to give this a go because the scent intrigued me [See, there is that Green Tea thing again]
And I hated it.
Its a personal preference thing - It smells like cheap toilet spray.
Ick. So, whilst its only been used for one of its "40+" washes, its hitting the bin
They do have other scents, and I would imagine it would be great to use as a shaving aid [I am an EpiLady gal]

Maybelline Express Black Polish [Not Pictured]
I love this polish.
It really is an express polish and I am sad to see it finish.
Perfect for Konading as it maintains its deep colour unlike some others.
I won't be repurchasing just yet, I have many black polishes I can use for now.

Sally Hansen Kwik Off
I bought this after seeing the rave reviews all through the beauty blogosphere.
I am not a fan.
Whilst I can understand what they were trying to do, I just don't think it followed through to the final product.
I find it extremely messy, the smell is stronger & more chemical than other removers and it fails to remove polish faster or more conveniently than the regular remover/cotton pad combo IMHO.
It's not empty, but I am throwing it out - I am sick of getting remover all over my fingers (it dries my skin out wayyy too much) I gave it a go but I won't be repurchasing.
Maybe natural nailed people will have better luck with this one

Napoleon Perdis Cover Stick in "Look Two"
This is my foundation of choice.
I love it, have already repurchased.

Napoleon Perdis Advanced Mineral Makeup.
I got a sample of this when I purchased my new Cover Stick.
OMFG. I am in love.
Wish I had of trialled this before purchasing the Cover Stick again.
Next time, I will be buying this instead.

Nad's Facial Wand - Wax
This is a definite beauty cupboard staple for me.
Perfect for those have-a-hot-date*-no-appointments-available-at-beautician type scenarios.

*Ha, Like I date, but you know, sometimes you wanna get rid of a monobrow for yourself....


  1. I was intrigued when I saw that foaming body wash but am now glad I gave it a miss. lol :/

  2. Yeah its pretty nasty - smells good in the supermarket aisle.
    But just, no.

  3. Aw, I love the Kwik Off... and hate the Nads Facial Wand. d:

  4. Really? How do you use it?
    I've tried it so many ways, its just a non-event for me...

    And yeah, pretty sure I am one of the only people who like the facial wand :D


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