Thursday, September 29, 2011

NOTD; Sea Gurl

ORLY; Sea Gurl

Have to be honest here, I thought I was going to hate this colour on me.
Way to grown up and sophisticated.

It still kind of is, but woah.
It is LOVE.

ORLY describe the colour as "Gun Metal Grey Shimmer" but for me it goes from a grey-brown to a dark khaki green depending on the lighting but maintains the gorgeous metallic shimmer regardless of the colour.

Like all ORLY polishes I have used in the past, this formula is amazing.
Brush is easy to handle, and no streaking or pulling.
It is also relatively fast drying so no huge time investment is required.

No top coat used in the above pics and I am now on day two - no chips, dents or wearing!

ORLY bottles contain 18ml of polish and RRP is $18.95 from here

Disclaimer: I received this product from a PR event, as always, this has not influenced my opinion or my review. For more information, please see my Disclaimer


  1. Such a hot colour! Once I can be arsed filing my nails and making them pretty, I'll give it a try. :P

  2. Omg, wow! Such a nice shade :)

  3. I got this colour too! but my nails aren't as long and pretty as yours :(

  4. Angela - I have acrylics, so it's literally just a repaint for me.
    But invest in a good buffer/or ridge filler and glass file.
    I'd recommend using a base coat on natural nails so they don't discolour.

  5. Thanks Sarah - I have acrylic nails, my natural nails definitely are not nice :D
    So, its kind of cheating


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