Saturday, October 1, 2011

IMATS; Mini Haul

It has now been a week since the weekend that will from here on in be referred to as "The Greatest Weekend Of My Life" and whilst I am sad that it has been an entire week, I am happy to share with you the ridiculously lousy haul I managed at IMATS Sydney 2011.

As much as I would LOVE to tell you I took home the above amazeball display of Inglot nail polishes, I did not.
The Inglot counter was way to insane for me to even get close enough to read the colours of the polishes.

Instead, I bring you the following:

This PINK travel brush set from Royal and Langnickel. 
12 piece PINK brush set for less than $25 that is actually fabulous quality? Yep!
And did I mention it was PINK?

IMATS meant I got to see Illamasqua products in the flesh for the first time in my life.
This made me squeal like a child. I was so happy.
It was Illamasqua's first year at IMATS so the selection wasn't fantastic, but I managed to get a foundation and two nail polishes for $35.

Whilst the foundation [Light Liquid 215] is a little too light, I'm not complaining. It works really well with my Face of Australia bronzer so I am making it work.

The polish shades were very limited, in fact, by the time I found their counter there were only two left. Victory and Propaganda. Of course I bought the both of them.
I will be swatching both soon, so keep an eye out.

Did you go to IMATS this year?
If not, I strongly recommend hitting it up next year, not only is there discounted makeup and beauty tools, but also seminars and competitions and about 85 squealing beauty bloggers.


  1. Ahh that pink brush set is so damn pretty!

  2. Amazing haul!! It's good to hear Illamasqua has joined IMATS this year!

  3. I think we all bought the Royal and Langnickel Pink Brush Set...not only very portable but PINK!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It IS really pretty.
    And the brushes were great value.
    Won't use all of them, but the few I have used have been FAB!

    I love them, but having issues with them staying in their slots, I think I must have them all mixed up - will have to play


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