Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Raceday Fashion -- Blogger Style!

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Confession time, dear readers.
I have never, ever, in my life, been to the races.
I lose money every year in the Melbourne Cup - sweeps, not actual tickets because I don't know how to place ACTUAL bets.

I have been to Flemington, for my sisters wedding reception, but never while there were actual living, breathing, racing, stinking, scary horses running around.

I had a Shetland pony as a kid, for a few months. Don't even remember it's name. Yep - didn't even like that one.

Rode a horse in Vanuatu for 5 minutes. It's name was Britney. It was crazy too. Tried to send me over the side of a cliff because it wanted some over the side of the cliff grass. I may or may not of called it "Glue" and refused to get back on.

See? petrified!

But I do love a good fascinator/hatinator.
Especially after the Royal Wedding - I was one of the few who actually LIKED Beatrices's Phillip Treacy Fascinator - I think if she had of worn it on her head, rather than her forehead it would of made a huge difference in the popularity stakes*

I wish I could get away with wearing them on a daily basis, they are so much fun, so fab, and add oomph to any outfit!

So, when David from Fashion Addict told me on twitter, he had one named after me, I was STOKED! 
Gosh I am a lucky blogger.

And he could not have chosen a more "me" fascinator if he tried. I die.

Image from Fashion Addict

But I am not alone, Fashion Addict have added Fascinators/Hatinators for some very stylish and uber amazing bloggers 

Image from Fashion Addict
Jacie from You've Got Nail

Image from Fashion Addict
Violet from Violet LeBeaux

Image from Fashion Addict
Tinipoo from Chasing Elixir

Image from Fashion Addict
Jade from Jade Musing

Image from Fashion Addict
Jessica from The Belle Lumiere

And loads more!
Check out Fashion Addict for all your race day glam!

* Unlike her sister. NOTHING could be done to help her. Blue at the Royal Wedding? Darling Puhlease!

This post was in no way sponsored.
I just love the idea of products named after people I love and admire.
And after me, wow!

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  1. Oh I LOVE horses!
    You need to meet my horse, she is SO gentle.
    Her name is Maisy but we've called her Scallywag since she was a foal.


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