Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sydney; Get Ready!


There are only:

Big Kev has NOTHING on me. I'M EXCITED!

That means:

I have this many days to

1. Save and/or unfreeze credit card [Yep. Literally frozen. In Ice. In my Freezer. At work]

2. Pack

3. Buy clothes TO pack

4. Shed as many KG's as possible

5. Recover from tonsillitis. However, may be good excuse to avoid any karaoke.

6. Find out why hotel hasn't charged Debit Card yet. Does this mean I'm not booked?

7. Find alternative locations to keep my car. Hotel won't book a car space. Boo

8. Consider getting a tan.

9. Get a tan.

10. Scrub tan off.

11. Pack 5 pairs of heels, only to realise I can't actually WEAR heels anymore and replace them [whilst pouting] with sensible flats 

12. Keep avoiding the Tina/Jacie dance showdown. If I'm not there, I cannot pick sides

13. Source & Buy the BIGGEST box of Cheezels known to man. A Cheezel'd Jacie is a happy Jacie.

14. Look for boarding accommodation for Oliver. I doubt any of you would mind him being there, but Ibis might. Nonna is looking like the best bet.

15. Actually research products I need/want so I don't wander aimlessly for the day and end up freaking out and buying a whole lot of shizz I don't need/wear/suit me. Brushes, ladies, I need brushes!

16. Stare in awe at the amazing work Kimmi and Jacie have done in setting this up. You girls are absolutely magnificent!

But seriously, don't forget, even if you don't blog, or missed out on ABBW registrations, there is absolutely NO reason why you can't attend IMATS! You don't HAVE to be a Make Up artist. Just get down to Sydney [Convention Centre, Darling Harbour] on the 24th or 25th September [2011] and come along and join the fun.

We will be an easy group to find, follow the cheezel dust, listen for the "Squees" and the "Oh Em Gees" and the breakout dance moves of two fine laydees from Melbourne!


  1. Ooh how exciting. Love Sydney. And dont forget to visit Msr Louboutin while you are there!

  2. Hahaha I love it! Step 8, 9 and 10 are exactly what I will be doing in a weeks time. One day I will learn to embrace my pasty self ..... hrmmmm

  3. haha I always get a spray tan at start of Spring but usually I am a brunette or blonde, this year I am a redhead so feel I need to embrace pasty self to rock the look :D

  4. Michelle - I am a Sydney girl born & raised, only live hrs north of there now.
    Can't afford to even drool at the moment, gimme a few years :D


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