Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blog Awards

Suzie from Suzie Makes You Up gave me not one, but TWO, blog awards.
Thanks doll!

The simple rule the Tell Me About Yourself Award is to share seven things about yourself, and link back to the person who passed you this award!
Be sure to award 5 blogs and drop them a line about it.

1. I am addicted to stupid iphone, ipad and internet games. But I lose interest quickly in individual games.
Currently obsessed with Neopets - which is SO 8 years ago!

[But seriously, add me _misslexi]
2. With the exception of a few select people, I am a lot closer, and feel more comfortable with my blogging friends than people I have known my entire life.
3. I LOVE to read but I can't sit still long enough to do so. The only time I read for longer than 10 minutes is in the car, on the plane, in the bath or at the beach.

4. I don't plan on having children, but if I do, and I have a daughter, her middle name will be Joy.
Same as my Nonna. I despise not having a family link to my name, it was just a name my parents liked. All my siblings have strong family names and they don't care.

5. I have a body pillow. It's a he, and his name is Steve.
Long Story. I didn't name it, and I DO think of it as an inanimate object NOT a person.

6. Although I do name inanimate objects. a lot. My car's name is Mimi.
My iPad is Lulu. Yep, I am weird.
7. It was easier for me to choose 5 blogs to award than it was to think of 7 things that you don't know about me.

And the award(s) go to ...

1. My fav new blog Gem & I which is the love child of Kate and Molly

Add these blogs to your favourites, they are amazeballs. Seriously.


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