Sunday, November 27, 2011

Summer Lovin' - Bronzed Babe

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I have a love/hate with Bronzer.
And it's always been more hate than love. I know I should embrace it.
Bronzer's seem to make me look red, sunburnt instead of sunkissed.
And some have a ridiculous amount of glitter so I look like I've stepped off a parade float than a boat.


I have found my Holy Grail of bronzer.

The Face Of Australia Pressed Bronzer has changed my opinion of bronzers.

Swatch One is shown over natural skin, Swatch Two over Primer
- The Price, with a RRP of $11.95 you can't go wrong. I have actually bought a second one which now lives in my beach bag.

- Buildable. This starts out light and you can build it up to your preferred colouring. No orange boom.

- Sturdy. Seriously. My makeup bag accompanies me around all day from meeting to meeting. It gets hammered. A lot of products fall apart under that stress, not this one, as you can see from above. Aside from the pretty matte packaging having a few grubby foundation marks, not a crack in the product.


- The sparkles.
This won't have you looking all Cullen-esque but still, its borderline for the amount of shimmer I can take, I wouldn't team this with a shimmery eye or lip.

- The Packaging.
I prefer shiny to matte when it comes to makeup packaging because I get tan/foundation marks on everything, and the shinier it is, the easier it is to wipe off.

Face of Australia Pressed Powder can be purchased from Priceline, Kmart, Big W or selected pharmacies.
Or, purchase online from Fashion Addict to save $

As stated above, I have repurchased this product since I first recieved it.
Face of Australia Pressed Bronzer was provided for consideration. This has in no way influenced my review. To see my Disclaimer, please click here or here to contact me.


  1. Bronzers are hard when you're cool skinned or pale. They often look too red or pink or orange on me too. I have a Revlon one that I've used for a while simply because I couldn't find anything better. But recently came across Natio Pressed Powder bronzer. It's browner and has less shimmer than most. I quite like it. This one looks great too!! Thanks, I'm going to go and try it!! Lovely post gorgeous xox

  2. I'll have to check it out! I love a gigantic bronzer myself :)

  3. YAY ill go check it out next time im in priceline for something!

  4. I love this as a blush but not as a bronzer, too warm/glittery for me :)


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