Monday, January 16, 2012

Gluten Free Vegetarian Burgers!

At the risk of becoming a food blogger, I am yet again sharing a recipe with you, and it ties in well with The Veggie Mama's Meatless Monday

But seriously, so good!
Even if you aren't vegetarian, or have a sensitivity to gluten, give these a try.

First, take some gluten free bread and mix (dry) in a food processor.
Or, if (like me) you fail to own such an awesome kitchen gadget, a fork does the trick.
Mix until it breaks up and begins to look like sand - add some LSA Meal (for the goodness) and some dried herbs (for the yumminess)

Cut eggplant into approx 2cm slices.
Coat in whisked egg (or egg replacement) and then cover with breadcrumb mixture.

In a heated pan, spray oil (or butter, or whatever you like to "fry" with) And add coated eggplant. Cook on a low heat until eggplant is tender, then turn up for final minutes of cooking for breadcrumbs to crispen* (* apparently NOT a real word?)

These are amazing served solo with dipping sauces - sweet chilli is Amazeballs - OR serve on some toasted GF bread, with salad and condiment of your choice for a healthy burger alternative.


  1. mmmm! my bestie is non gluteno so this is marvellous! my tummy is grumbling but I still appreciate it ;P

    1. Note-to-self don't publish recipe posts at night time :)
      Thanks Emma, definitely try these next time she is around. So good.
      I made extra just for the leftovers :)

  2. YUM! We are so making these. Thanks Lexi. We love your blog :)


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