Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back on the wagon.

Over the past month, I have not only lost my blogging mojo, but also my desire to get fit and healthy.
After dropping 26kilos I was a fat fighting machine, every calorie was counted and worked off in double, my birthday weekend was my "weekend off".
Well, that was back in mid-December.

Since then, I have partaken in too many of these...

And a lot more of this...


And to jump start my body back into its former habits, I am going on a juice cleanse.

This is a 24 hour juice cleanse, nothing drastic, and it won't drop kilos.
It will merely "reset" my body.
Help me ditch the caffeine cravings and the constant need for "snack" foods rather than a decent meal.
Hear that brain? Crackers and Cider ARE NOT a suitable dinner.

Since I went crazy on spoiling my niece and nephews over Christmas, I am INCREDIBLY broke.
So instead of paying $$ for a 2 day pre-made cleanse, I made my own.

I used:
2 Cups x Baby Spinach
1 Cup x Broccoli  
1 x Grated Apple
1x Small Banana
2 x Carrots, Grated
1/2 Mango
Approx 100gms Pineapple
2 Tablespoons LSA

None of these ingredients are pre-cooked. I also do not have a juicer. I just throw all into a blender and press the button. Quick and easy.

I add extra water and strain my "Smoothie" to make it more of a juice, but keep it chunky if you prefer. The beauty of this cleanse is it's about YOUR taste.

Okay. It looks gross - but honestly? Its better than a lot of the ciders I have taste tested over the past 30 days! This is the ONLY way I can force myself to eat broccoli.

If you are finding yourself in a New Year - Post Celebration slump, why not join us [and Channel 10] in the One Million Kilo Challenge? 

Click here to join our group "TweetClub" - and if you are tweeting or Instagramming your journey, remember to use the hashtag #MKCTweetClub

Find out more about the Million Kilo Challenge here

Remember to always speak to a health care professional before embarking on any kind of weight loss or dietary change. I am not a health care professional, I am merely stating what I have used in the past to help jump start a new healthy eating lifestyle.


  1. Whoohoo! Go Team TweetClub!
    I'm thinking of trying a juice reset soon too. How often do you have one?

  2. YAAAAY! I'm cheering you on! GO LEXIIIII!!!

  3. Know the feeling, I've been out of control since xmas but sooo back on the wagon today! :D Love green smoothies!!! :D

  4. I drink these usually after exercise (for dinner) with an added scoop of protein powder, but I've been having 2-3 a day. So good :)

    Plus I'm doing the 21 day #green smoothie challenge with Jade thanks to Echolife

  5. I'm going to do one of those Urban Remedy juice cleanses soon (way too lazy to make my own). I still want to lose 5kg of baby weight and I indulged in way too much yummy food over Christmas!

    You should be proud of yourself lovely - you'll be back on the wagon in no time :)



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