Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crossing to the Nude side

If you haven't already bought the Face of Australia Lip Quench in Lychee Crush than your power against peer pressure is ASTOUNDING!

Up until this point I have seen the rave reviews, the gorgeous Instagram shots, and the many, many tweets praising the goddess Lychee Crush, BUT have held back and not purchased.

Until last weekend.
Yep, you heard it, I have crossed over to the Nude side and I am absolutely, head over heels, crazy in love!
I am no newbie to FOA Lip Quench Lipsticks.
Power Surge is my most favourite shade of all time and Silver Rose is my Go-To, perfect for all occassions colour.

I have naturally dry lips so I need to constantly smoother them in goodness to avoid becoming Miss Flakey Flakerson.
Lipsticks only add to that dryness.
Not the Lip Quench Range.
They leave my lips feeling hydrated and moisturised thanks to the Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E & Shea Butter
Not to mention the SPF 30+ broad spectrum protection. 
Don't just take my word for it.
Here are three of my fav bloggers RAVING about their experience with Lychee Crush

Rosemary from Lashes & Lattes who, I think, was the original member of this bandwagon.

Michaela from Lather, Rinse, Repeat for the best swatch ever!

Tegan from Tegania's Thoughts who posted the awesomeness of this shade whilst on holidays! [Now THAT is dedication]

Face of Australia Lip Quench range includes 13 shades.
RRP at $9.45 - so why not buy the whole range?

Available from KMart, Priceline, Selected Pharmacies and online at Fashion Addict

I have my heart set on making Malibu Barbie work for me.


  1. Wore this last week, such a winner of a shade!

    1. How good is it?
      I honestly didn't think it would suit me.

      Then I was in Priceline, and it was actually in stock, so I went for it.
      And I do not regret it!

  2. I love Silver Rose!

    I still don't have this either. It's been out of stock when I have looked instore and I have been too lazy to order online.. until now! LOL.

    1. I can pick one up for you?
      Just text me your address again :D

  3. oh thank you so much for the link lovely! and yes, that is how much this shade is worth it... you even have to post whilst on holidays.

    1. Anytime!

      I honestly couldn't believe it.
      Til I tried it.

  4. Aw thanks for the link love! LQ is totally worth lemming over!

    1. No problems xo
      Realised once I started looking for the old link URL's you had done the same, sorry about that :D

      It is!
      I am going to trust in you gals more often.
      Going to pick up the illuminators now.
      Not that I know how to use them haha

    2. Great minds (and beauties!) think alike, non?

      I made such a big deal over tracking down some illuminators, and now I have them I haven't tried them yet! Something to do this weekend, methinks.


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