Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Edition; Lust Have It

I finally jumped on the bandwagon.
Despite hearing negative reviews of products inside subscription boxes, I decided to sign up to Lust Have It.
Just 4 days after signing up, I had my first sub in my PO Box.
I was pretty excited [As was MasterE which you can see in the outake photos I posted at the end]
I've heard people complain about the "boring" packaging.
You know what, I like it.
It is simple, effective, practical and environmentally friendly.
Whilst I never put breaks in my posts for the RSS Readers, I have, just to avoid spoiling it for others who have yet to recieve their Lust Have It Box this month.

Please read on for the unveiling [and some blurry images of chubby grabby baby hands]

First impression on opening the box?
OMFG there is MIRENESSE in there!!!
[I kinda LOVE Mirenesse]

Then, once I had calmed down a bit, I managed to look at the OTHER items...

Shredded orange paper.
Autumn-y AND recyclable.
Kudos to Lust Have It.

1. Davroe Moisture Senses Argan Oil - 50mL $23.95
2. Karpati DITO Nail Lacquer 8mL $19.95
3. 1Skin Solutions lip balm - Vanilla 5g $9.90
4. Replenishing Moisture Cream from Kosmea 50mL $49.95
5. Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow from Mirenesse $29.95
Information from Lust Have It

Total of $133.70 - FOR $14.95??

There is also a voucher to redeem a Mirenesse Tight Liner on Facebook
[Which is all kinds of perfect because I am STILL using the one got it in September. Ew]

For my first Subscription Box I am very pleasantly surprised.
I love it!
Out of the 5 products, I have only tried one product
I'll try all these out and let you know how they go and if they are worth purchasing individually.

I think I am most excited to try the Karpati DITO Nail Lacquer
If it is good enough to be featured IN the MOMA in New York it's good enough to be on my nails

Lust Have It is a monthly subscription box.
It costs $14.95/month and can be cancelled at any time.

...and the photos I thought were too cute to not post.
I WAS going to wait for him to go to bed to photograph and open.
MasterE had other plans.
Caught him JUST in time.
Chubby Grabby Baby hands...
No, thats MINE!

P.S Keep an eye out - some very exciting news for my lovely readers coming VERY soon


  1. What colour polish did you get? I got Vineyard Passion which is nice but boring.
    I was really happy with this months box. Much better than last months.

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for reading - I recieved Midnight Romance which looks amazing.
      Looked up Vineyard Passion, looks nice - maybe try it with a gold chrome half moon?


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