Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review: Susie Burrell App

You have all read about my ongoing [very bumpy] journey to goal weight, and part of that process has involved researching best diets, looking for new and best technology to keep me on track and give me a boost, and listening to those in the know.

My twitter feed was a content barrage of information, some good, some bad, and some very very weird. I started following Susie Burrell AGES ago - a friendly tweeter who, despite being incredibly busy, answers question, gives advice and motivates the masses.

I can honestly tell you that I have never opened the App Store as fast as I did when I heard Susie Burrell had released an app.

I wasn't sure what to expect, I thought maybe it would be her website in App form [Which BTW app developers - is NOT an app, it's a bookmark] 

The app opens into an introduction - 3 small paragraphs.
That is it, no long winded autobiography, no name dropping, just the facts.

The "Lose Weight Fast" section is my favourite, input your desired calorie plan, and the work is done for you. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks all sorted for you.
The only thing not done is the shopping.

[Perhaps a deal with Woolworths for your next update? - purchase ingredients from the app?]

Don't want a meal plan? No worries.
The recipes section will have you absolutely salivating over your iPhone.
Low Calorie Pumpkin Soup? YUM!
And here is a hint, It is SO EASY! Two ingredients. Yep.

And the negatives?
Lack of choices, There is no way to edit according to dietary requirements (like Lactose Intolerance) or dietary choices (Like being a vegetarian).
But, for a free app, I'm not too concerned.

I would definitely pay for app that allowed customisable options, especially from a dietician I admire such as Susie Burrell.

As for my weightless journey? No biggest loser success stories here, the past month has been an incredible roller coaster of emotions, none of which I will be discussing here, which led me to no exercise and a whole heap of non-eating followed by severe binges and back.
Back on the wagon again, eating correctly, and exercising right.
Doing a 5kg challenge with my BFF - 5kgs by 21st May.

Follow Susie on Twitter, and make sure you download this app - Free from the App Store.


  1. Have you looked at the Dukan diet? I used that plan successfully. It's also the quickest weight loss possible if you can stick to it.

    1. Dukan is great for fast results.
      I would rather do it properly, I have lost 25kg that way.
      Don't want to relapse and gain as soon as I start eating regular foods.
      Thanks for commenting x

  2. This seems awesome, thanks for the heads up! I plan on losing 5kg by that date too, looking at you for some inspiration to be honest :) xx

    1. Thanks doll.
      Oh no! Hope I can achieve it for you :)
      Good luck on your journey xo


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