Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Nail Chronicles - Part Two

Remember when I removed my acrylics
Well, that was six weeks ago and whilst my nails still aren't in amazing condition, they are a thousand times better than they were back in March.

The three products making this journey so much more tolerable.
Cuticle Oil. Nail Treatment. Hand Cream*

 Whilst I am not the biggest Essie polish fan, this cuticle oil is amazing.
It smells divine, it is seriously moisturising and it's easy to apply.
I apply this at least 8 times a day, not even kidding! It's like the never ending bottle.

 Wether you have had acrylics or not, your nails will definitely benefit from this Moisture Plus nail treatment from Nicole by OPI.
I apply it daily to natural nails, or if I am painting them, I use this as a base coat.
My nails are no longer peeling or splitting - and when I am wearing this they are shiny and protected and I can feel their strength increasing.

These are my nails 6 weeks post-acrylic removal with 1 coat of Moisture Plus and two coats of OPI Bubble Bath.
I have kept them short to try and strengthen them. 

 Short, Shiny and gaining strength.
Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Details:

RRP $18.95
Purchased in-store at Myer

Nicole by OPI - Moisture Plus
RRP $14.95
Purchased in-store at Hairhouse Warehouse

RRP $11.95
Purchased in-store at Kit Cosmetics
* Keep an eye out later on this week for an in-depth review on Soap & Glory - Hand Food


  1. I need to get some of that cuticle oil I think! I've noticed my nails aren't too bad now (I only had the one set of acrylics afterall) but my cuticles are horrible! Just went I think I can take blog swatches because my nails look okay, my cuticles show up horribly in photos.

    Your nails are looking great by the way - definitely light at the end of the (very long) tunnel :) XX

    1. Definitely!
      I had originally bought the Sally Hansen oil, but after using it for several weeks I noticed no change, it was almost as if it was drying them out even more.
      After about 3 days I had noticed a massive improvement with the Essie oil.

      Thanks doll x


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