Friday, March 2, 2012

My Water Bobble

When I saw the Water Bobble bottle on Mumma In Heels I decided I HAD to have one.

I am too impatient on some things, so decided to purchase in store at Myer instead of waiting for one to arrive from an online order.

I love most things about the Bobble.
I love that I am able to access filtered water where ever I am.
I love that it fits in the cupholder of my car.
I love that the bobble is BPA Free.
I love that I am able to change the colour of my Bobble just by changing the filter.
I love that I am saving $$ everyday by NOT purchasing a new bottled water.
I love that by not buying multiple bottles of water per week I am reducing my carbon footprint.
I love that it's handbag friendly - meaning it doesn't leak or get squashed.

I don't love that it's so ridiculously good looking that both Miss3 AND Master1 think its so fabulous that it is theirs.
 I spend a lot of time wrangling it from their sticky paws delicately removing it from their angelic clutches.

Whilst it is perfect for the everyday, and for the office etc, I don't recommend it for the gym or during a workout.
Because of the filter, you get very little water at a time - and whilst this is a good thing for keeping up daily hydration, at a time of peak physical activity it is not enough to quench your thirst.
After using for a few days, I did work out that if you squeeze the bottle rather than sucking through the filter that you do a larger quantity of water come through.
Not sure how this would affect the filtration though

Which means all those empty Pump* bottles rolling around my car will still be put to good use.

I purchased the Bobble 550mL bottle from Myer for $14.95
You can also purchase them online from the official Water Bobble website

Do you have any genius lifestyle products that you love?
Share them here, I am always looking for new and different products to make life easier [and more environmentally sound]

* Pump bottles DO NOT fit in the cupholder of my car.
Can you pick up on my passive aggression towards the developers of that particular bottle?


  1. Oh I love the Bobble! I got one for my birthday 2 years ago! Same bobble, numerous filters though! Love love!

    1. So they really are that hardwearing!

      Guarantee I will lose mine before it celebrates it's two year anniversary.
      I'm a shocker like that.

  2. Aww, thanks for the mention darling.

    I agree - not suitable for exercise but perfect for day to day drinking.

    I think I'll pick up a pink filter next!

    1. I am jealous of your purple filter!
      Seems they are a red-hot item.
      I had the choice of pink, pink or pink at Bourke Street Myer.
      Lucky I like the colour :D


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