Friday, April 27, 2012

What I Wore

I've been kind of lacking in the "Fashion" side of blogging lately, 
Combining that with the new discovery of "clipping" on Polyvore - I have decided to share an outfit I wore this week.

For those [like me] who didn't know, you can use the "Clipper" tool to save items from other websites onto your Polyvore account, meaning you can share items you actually own, rather than those just looking similar.


I wore this outfit to work - though, I would also wear it to a lunch date now the weather has cooled down in Melbourne.

The boots and scarf are from Polyvore as I was unable to locate either of my items online, they are pretty close though.

P.S I LOVE Bond's tees - I think I have 3 just in white. Not to mention the black, grey and light pink versions I own. So versatile and comfortable.
I may also have these Lee Riders in other colours… shhh!

Do you have multiples of items of the same piece of clothing? 


  1. Oh, I love 'What I wore' posts! And I love how simple and chic this outfit is. I'm a big fan of the 'multiples' concept - I'm very picky as to what makes the perfect t-shirt, so when I find one that works I grab a few in different colours :)
    Hugs and love xxx

    1. Thanks Sabine.
      I'm not good with fashion, so I try to find what works for me in terms of ease of wash, practicality etc.
      I love the cooler months because it means my love of jeans, tees and blazers can be fully embraced :D

      And I can't recommend the Bond's tees enough - so comfortable!

    2. I find thrifting most of my clothes works really well for me, as I'm too nervous spending lots on something that might not work in the end.
      It can be hit or miss (you can never have a precise shopping list when you thrift), but when you find a few good pieces it's a total thrill ;)
      I need a few more t-shirts so I'll be looking at Bonds this week-end xxxx

    3. I have to start doing that.
      Living in a small town, there was never any gems so I gave up.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! If you find anything you like buy it in every colour (that's my motto!). Xx


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