Thursday, May 17, 2012

Face Of Australia Lip Crayons

Face Of Australia are definitely top ranking in my Favorite Brand list.
They are innovative and continue to lead the pack with superior quality for very reasonable prices.

I have heard whispers of a new lip product range for the past couple of weeks and have been eagerly anticipating their release.

So imagine my surprise when last week I won a Twitter competition to receive the Lip Crayon pack ahead of their June 2012 release.

It was even more surprising to find them delivered the very next working day.
Go Face Of Australia!

The pack consists of three shades

All three shades smell delicious - a subtle vanilla fragrance that is neither chemical or overbearing.

How cute is the packaging?
The formula is beautiful.
Easily glides on lips and provides the perfect light tint cover
Perfectly glossy without stickiness
And the moisturising lasts longer than the colour.
I played around with these the night I got them, the following morning my lips still felt soft and amazing.

Cupcake - Macaron - Sundae

The shades themselves appear to apply transparent
However the shade develops quickly on contact and lasts about 3 hours.
Less if you are eating or drinking.

I have included arm swatches only as these shades will appear differently on everyone depending on natural shade of their lips.

On first impressions thought I would love Macaron the most, and probably not use Sundae at all.
But imagine my surprise when all three work with my skin tone and not against like other shades.
These lip crayons add the perfect "oomph" to lips whilst keeping them luscious and moisturised.

The Details: 

Face Of Australia Lip Crayons
RRP $14.95
Available from June 2012 for a limited time!

Check out Face Of Australia for stockist information.

As explained above, I won these in a Twitter competition, I am under no obligation to write about these. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. Ahh these look amazing! I couldn't love FOA more if I tried, truly. I can't wait to try these out

  2. I honestly didn't think I could either!
    Until these.

    I'd love to do a comparison with Clinique Chubby Sticks because I dontj the actual product would be much better

  3. Eeeeeeeee! Want! I'm a sucker for a lip crayon and will be snapping these up.

    1. DO IT!
      Can't wait to see how they look on your gorgeous face!

      [That wasn't meant to sound as creepy as it came out]

  4. EEEEEEEP! I adore FOA and these look amazing! Will definitely be grabbing all of these, and probably any more that they release...

    Sharleena xx

    1. I hope they release more too!
      I actually think Sundae has replaced Lychee Crush for my fav nude at the moment

  5. Want want want want I wish I had one the comp you lucky thing haha. Considering my obsession with FOA I know I will purchase them anyways.

    1. I held these pretties in my hand over a month ago and couldn't try them, so I have been desperately waiting for them to come out.

      Now you all get to wait in anticipation like I had to :D
      But seriously, get these - see above comment Re: Lychee Crush

  6. Replies
    1. HaHa of course you do. You would have your name revoked if you didn't :P
      But gosh, you read my blog? I think I fainted!

  7. Oh my these look really cute! I really wanted to try the Australis version of these glossy sticks. But I think i'll have to hold on until these are released.
    I will definitely make a trek to Priceline for a little swatch party :)

  8. Aghh they look amazing! I hope I can catch them when they get released! My local FOA stockist is always out of stock!


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