Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Misty's Diner; American Style Food in Melbourne

Last week I had some friends from Newcastle down in Melbourne on holiday.
They were celebrating their 6th (SIX!!) year anniversary, and luckily for me, they made time to hang out while they were here.

My friend C is awesome.
We have been friends since I first moved to Newcastle from Sydney
We both have so much in common, and are obsessed with American TV shows and culture.

Misty's Diner - NJ & C have been cropped out to protect their identities.

I had heard about Misty's Diner many months ago - but I didn't know of anyone who I thought suited to eat at such an establishment. When I heard C was in town I knew it was perfect for us.
Dragging her (very eager) partner NJ along for the ride we booked in last Thursday night for what was sure to be the sugar and carb overload of the century.

Yes. So Much Yes.
Dr Pepper is my favourite "Soda" of all time.
Lucky for me, my local Coles sells it, so I went with the Cherry Dr Pepper which is approximately 1000 times more delicious than the regular.

I also discovered a new fav [once a year] food.
Jalepeno Poppers - Jalepenos, hollowed out, filled with cheese then breaded and fried.
Oh My God.
Party in your mouth 
[and no, not spicy - unfortunately]

The Vegie "Carb Coma"
This is where your diet goes to die.
Potato Mashies, Veggie Bites, Cheese Sticks, Chilli Fries and Fried Mushrooms.

Misty's Sliders.
Yeah, I ditched my vegetarianism for one of these*.
Served with pickles on the side, baby burgers with meat, cheese and onions.

Fried Mushrooms.
I wish I didn't discover them when I was already full.
Was a little apprehensive at first because, whilst I love mushroom, I don't usually eat them whole.

I have a confession.
The Deep Fried Twinkie was my main reason for wanting to go to Misty's Diner.
It was pretty good.
Way too sweet for me, but all you sweet tooth's out there will LOVE this.

And something I didn't expect.
Deep Fried Oreo.
This was like a sugar party in your mouth.
So good, but felt so bad at the same time.
My diet certainly went out the window with this one!

Everything about this place was AMAZING!
The 50's style diner made me feel I had just set foot on the Grease stage.
In fact, the tiny Jukeboxes on each booth even have "You're The One That I Want" to choose from.

Our waiters were so friendly, and fun.
Found we had developed a rapport with ours within the first 5 minutes of being seated.
Props to Ralphie and Cary G [I believe his real name is Todd]
We even got to meet the famous Misty as we were leaving, she's gorgeous.
Just don't let her see you use cutlery, apparently that is against the rules :D
I would like to know though, if all their accents are real?

The Deets:
Misty's Diner is open 7 days
Located at 103- 105 High Street, Prahran
[Near the Chapel Street intersection]

Check out Misty's Diner for more info
And be sure to follow them on Twitter

 * I don't recommend diving into red meat after months of nothing. I felt incredibly ill later that evening and all the next day.

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  1. Yum, yum, yum.
    Deep fried Oreo? Fried mushrooms? Best thing I have ever heard!

    If we move to Melbourne, we are going there!!

    1. No Mrs C - WHEN you visit we will go here!
      Even J will love it!
      Footlong Hot Dogs - HUGE milkshakes.
      It's insane!

    2. Yuk! When would people put that kind of unhealthy stuff in their body?

    3. Hi Anonymous,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      I am all for healthy foods, in fact, I eat clean 99% of the time, nothing processed, nothing premade.
      But you know what? Life is for living, so if you can't enjoy yourself with good friends and ridiculous food every now and again, what is the point.

  2. We are a match made i heaven! i don't know anyone other than my BF who loves Dr Pepper. I'll send you a list of all the Dr Pepper haunts in our area just so you have some back up places when coles runs out. This place reminds me of the old Jonny Rockets that use to be in Australia on Collins. Chilli fries, dr pepper, cherry coke. God i miss that place. Oh i have died and gone to food heaven! That's it, i'm making the BF take me there on the weekend. Stuff this low cholesterol diet. I'll promise to eat carrot sticks for a whole week to have a blow out session here! Ouch i think my heart just stopped... wait no its back!

    1. OOOh, so - maybe in a month's time we should schedule a lunch or dinner date?

      I LOVE Dr Pepper - so please do send a list, Coles is out. Often.
      Could be me buying at all though


    Also, my bf loves Dr Pepper. Urk. Can't stand that stuff. However, I LOVE ROOT BEER.

    So we go to USA Foods (which you really should check out if you haven't already) and buy big on our USA goodies. Yum.

    1. I've seen USA Foods online, I know they are based in Melbourne somewhere just haven't looked up where.

      I can definitely schedule in a trip for you though and send you supplies over in SA

  4. I love Dr Pepper! Yummmmmm! Didn't know anyone loved it as much as i do! I live in SA as well, so when we head to Melbourne we always go to USA foods! lol They are based in Moorabbin at 110 cochranes road. You should definitely go and probably cheaper than anywhere else. I got 24 cans of DP for $30! You will love it!

  5. I do believe it's only right that you invite me to visit Misty's with you, c'mon now! You can't make me drool like that and then leave me hanging!! This place was made for me!


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