Thursday, May 24, 2012


I am teaming up with the gorgeous Melinda of Mumma In Heels for her new weekly  "Let's Write" prompt.
Last week's "Let's Write" is What Do You Love About Winter.
And yes, I know I am behind the ball on this. I am a busy lass.

Well, this is me.
There is no other season that I love more than Winter.
I don't think there is anything I dislike about Winter.
Except the constant carb/hot food craving - but this is the year I kick that and kick up the exercise and calorie counting to make sure I don't miss out or blow out.

First on my LOVE List? Scarves.
I have way too many to admit.
In fact, I may even keep them in my car so my addiction is not so obvious to those I live with.
Yep - bordering on an obsession.
This gorgeous Country Road Cable Knit Scarf even has a matching beanie. ADORBS!

I have to admit here that I do not own a onsie.
I want to.
I even went to purchase one - and my co-shopper laughed so hard that I hung my head in shame and left.
But I will be back because I NEED a Peter Alexander Onsie in my Peter Alexander Collection.
Even though the adult sized Vegemite one is no longer available, there is plenty of cuteness available online or instore.
[If you feel like an awesome, superstar reader and want to send me a pair - I'd need a large :P ]

Currently loving Oolong tea and it makes the perfect accompaniment to the subject of tomorrow's blog post [Keep an eye on that]
But Green and Peppermint are my all time favourites.
I gave up Coffee a number of weeks ago and I am loving the extra energy.

These uggs were purchased for me as a gift.
I only wear them INSIDE the house - though have made a sneaky DVD return and chocolate run late one night. 

These things are the BEST.
I can shamed out of a onsie but not my slanket.
I have the zebra print [and also a plain red one shhh]
So cosy and warm - and Liz Lemon has one, which makes it cool enough for me.

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  1. I get the appeal of a onesie but they are not practical, especially in winter. To go to the bathroom in one you have to practically strip naked and unless you have a heater going in your bathroom. You may freeze a tad.

    Think about it. That is all I ask. I don't want you to suffer.


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