Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Agency Boutique is OPEN!

The most anticipated opening of the year happened overnight.

Yep - The Agency Boutique is open!

Hands up if you have had your eye on that statement bag your fav celeb has been toting around town but haven't been able to drop the house deposit to call one your own.

My hand is definitely up. 

J & M have you covered, luxurious statement bags we love at the affordable prices we love even more.

I was lucky enough to meet "J" one half of the sisters/brains/beauty behind The Agency a few weeks back and she is just as lovely in person as she is on Twitter.

How divine is the "God Save The Queen" McQueen inspired clutch? LOVE it.

The Queen VB is top of my WANT list, closely followed by "You Feeling Me" and "Jackie O Who".
But don't take my word for it - hop onto their online boutique and check the fabulousness out for yourselves!

The Agency Boutique -
Follow them on Twitter -

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  1. I feel very lucky to have a Queen VB sitting in my wardrobe as we speak! The beautiful J was kind enough to send me one.

    Btw - you would totally rock that McQueen inspired clutch. Paired with your McQueen sculls scarf!! Xx

  2. I have the Queen VB too :) Twins!

    Haha, I am considering it.
    Bring on payday!

  3. Dont get me started on designer handbags!

    1. Ah but the difference is, they are inspired by - so you get more for your $$


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